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Training Aids
Swing Wonder

Swing One's SwingWonder training machine teaches a balanced weight shift for a consistent, repetitive swing motion, enhanced power, strength and flexibility.  The apparatus inhibits swing faults like the sway or reverse pivot, once strapped into the SwingWonder players can feel perfectly balance swing and are forced to load into the backswing with proper resistance. Balance is critical for transferring power and strength into the golf swing and shot. SwingWonder does not allow torque in the lower back and helps build stability and strength in the feet, legs, torso and lower back through resistance.

Quick Fix
Developed by Larry Nelson, US Open and 2-time PGA Champion, the QuickFix uses air resistance and benefits the golfer who swings 50 mph, as well as the golfer who swings 100 mph. 

The percent of resistance is the same at both speeds. 

With continual use of the QuickFix, every golfer will increase his or her strength with each added mph. 

The more that the QuickFix is used the stronger that the muscles become and the more that clubhead speed is increased. 
There is no point at which the muscles stop deriving benefit. From driver to wedge, using QuickFix will add power and accuracy to all your shots.

IZZO Golf TRI-LINK Short Game Trainer

    The Tri-Link is a training aid designed to correct excessive wrist action and promote proper shoulder use while chipping and putting. The Tri-link short game trainer is a unique stability trainer designed to fit any body type.  Tri-link maintains arms, hands and club in the ideal triangle position and helps eliminate excessive wrist motion.  Tri-link, with an easy twist and lock design, will help all golfers develop a pendulum stroke by encouraging the arms, hands, club and upper torso to work as one unit.  By practicing with the Tri-link, proper positioning will become habit and your swing will become more consistent to improve chipping, pitching and putting while promoting a straighter takeaway and follow through.  
 (800) 284-1220


The Matzie "Assist" Swing Trainer Improves Grip, Extension, Strength, Wrist Release, Weight Transfer, Muscle Memory, Club Head Speed , Tempo & Timing. Guaranteed To Lower The Scores Of The 20 Million Golfers In The United States Who Can't Break "100"! PGA Touring And Teaching Professionals Use And Endorse The "Assist" Without Compensation Including The 2003 Masters Champ Mike Weir!
Available In: Men's, Ladies, Juniors, Right and Left Hand
800  783-2255

The Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer
The Golfer's Footprint® is a professional golf lesson that goes anywhere. It's a great warm-up tool to refine your swing path and make sure you’re hitting down the target line. It is also a great way to set junior and beginning golfers up for success. The powerful combination of the swing path, club-face angle, and point of impact all tied to the target line helps you eliminate your slice and hooks. Hit right off the high impact plastic surface with all of your irons and fairway woods. Tee it up to start getting the most out of your drive!

Swing Tempo

Swing-Tempo continues to be the most effective and versatile tempo-training device available to golfers today. The Swing-Tempo offers audio and visual learning methods to be combined together. A new vibration motor coupled with simplified adjustment buttons continue to make Swing-Tempo the most sought after tempo-trainer. Unlike other trainers that analyze your swing after the fact, you swing in sync to the Swing-Tempo signals to find your best tempo If your tempo is different from the recommended settings, you can simply adjust the duration of your backswing, topswing, and downswing to retain your ideal tempo. Digitally accurate Swing-Tempo gives you a numerical reference to tempo, timing, and rhythm. With three learning methods that allow you to see, hear, and feel your perfect tempo, Swing-Tempo delivers a consistent tempo from tee to green with every club in your bag.


The Impact Ball

 The Impact Ball is the only golf training aid that trains your whole game by developing the proper feel of swinging a golf club. You will see improvements in your putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, and full swing.  Place The Impact Ball Between your forearms and swing from yellow to blue.  Right away you will feel and look like a tour player through impact! The Impact Ball takes the focus away from trying to affect the golf ball and places the focus squarely on the body and club working together through the golf ball.

Explanar Home Training and Golf Fitness System

The Explanar Home Training and Golf Fitness System is designed to develop every golfer’s optimum biomechanical swing plane. It is a combination of a steel hoop structure that can be adjusted to the golfer’s height, a Plane Fin™, a Radial Stance Mat™ and a Power Roller™. The Explanar Home Training and Golf Fitness System gives immediate feedback after as little as 10 minutes using the system. This is why noted instructor Butch Harmon refers to the Explanar as “the best swing training system I’ve ever seen” and uses it daily at his golf school.

 1-866- XPLANAR •

Golf Gym

Designed by golf professionals and sports physiologists the GOLFGYM® PowerSwing Trainer patented combination of the biomechanically unique strengthening qualities of pure, hand-dipped Latex PowerCord and the ProPerfect Training Grip develops proper swing habits and muscle memory by exercising golf-specific muscle groups, including the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips, back and stomach muscles. The PowerSwing Trainer features a molded-grip designed to help users grip the club correctly-and securely. By increasing strength, flexibility and clubhead speed, it provides a golf-specific workout and muscle resistance while reducing the risk of injury. Offering 37 different exercises and warm-up options.