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Rich Molden
Mr. Molden is a nationally recognized Performance Consultant / Sports Behaviorist and pioneer in the science and application of Psycho-ergonomics in both sport and business. He’s worked with, coached and interviewed hundreds of elite athletes, PGA Tour stars, top collegiate golfers, entertainers, high-profile business people and entrepreneurs. For more information about his Performance Development Group, visit
Articles by this Author
» Wired for Winning | The Psychodynamics of Top Performers
By Rich Molden | Published 06/10/2009 | Instruction | Unrated
» Wired for Winning
By Rich Molden | Published 08/17/2009 | Instruction | Unrated
» Wired for Winning - The Power of Persistence
By Rich Molden | Published 10/2/2009 | Instruction | Unrated
» Wired For Winning - The 5 E's – Part 1
By Rich Molden | Published 04/30/2010 | Instruction | Unrated

» Wired for Winning, Equipment, Execution, Environment, Emotions and Expectations
By Rich Molden | Published 06/7/2010 | Northeast | Unrated

» Swing Like You’ve Never Missed
By Rich Molden | Published 08/3/2010 | Instruction | Unrated
» You Gotta Love It!
By Rich Molden | Published 09/17/2010 | Instruction | Unrated
» The SMART Way to Eat an Elephant
By Rich Molden | Published 02/11/2011 | Instruction | Unrated
» The Right Shaft Could Be Your Silver Bullet
By Rich Molden | Published 04/1/2011 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
» The SMART Way to Eat an Elephant
By Rich Molden | Published 05/4/2011 | Northeast | Unrated
» Joe LaCava, PGA Tour Caddy
By Rich Molden | Published 08/3/2011 | Player Profiles | Unrated

» The FUD Factor
By Rich Molden | Published 08/3/2011 | Northeast | Unrated

» See The Golf Course
By Rich Molden | Published 10/12/2011 | Northeast | Unrated

» Eliminate the Static
By Rich Molden | Published 06/21/2012 | New on the Tee | Unrated

» Teach Your Children Well
By Rich Molden | Published 08/14/2012 | Instruction | Unrated

» You’ll See It When You Believe It!
By Rich Molden | Published 11/15/2012 | Northeast | Unrated