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John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 04/5/2012

Hank Haney’s PlaneFinder Can Change Your Game
The golf industry has been abuzz over the revolutionary PlaneFinder practice aid.
The PlaneFinder, endorsed and promoted by noted teacher Hank Haney, works by allowing golfers to feel where the swing plane is. Until now the only way to practice swinging on plane was using video or a mirror.
Hank Haney’s PlaneFinder has indeed changed the way golfers of all skills can learn to improve their swings. The aid allows golfers to learn with three senses—feel, sight, and sound. When golfers come into contact with PlaneFinder indicators, they feel when they hit them, see the indicators that moved, and hear when they come into contact with the indicators.
The PlaneFinder can be used with every club in the bag, from a lob wedge to a driver.
Rusty Pies invented the PlaneFinder with significant input from Haney. Pies is an amateur golfer with a plus-4 handicap. He once played professionally on the Hooters Tour and now serves as the company’s director of product development. Charlie Malament is president of the company.
Pies explained the genesis of the PlanerFinder.
“I am often asked by friends to take a look at their swings. About four years ago, one such friend had an awful case of coming over the top. After several hours of failure, I went to Home Depot and made a rough homemade version of what would eventually become The PlaneFinder.”
Pies said that after a suddenly successful lesson, he left the homemade device on the range and noticed that it wasn’t just his friend hitting on it but everyone at the club.
“People told me that I should patent it and see what we could do with it. So we went through the process of building a real prototype and we took our idea to Hank Haney at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show.”
Pies said PlaneFinder is the first training aid that allows the golfer to feel where the swing plane is.
“Other training aids are more of a guide or give you an example of where the swing plane is. The PlaneFinder allows you to see the swing plane, feel it and touch it. I would say the beauty of the PlaneFinder is that it allows you to make full swings at high speeds and get immediate feedback.”
Pies said the device is easy to use.
“You just set it up and start hitting balls. Setting it up takes about one minute. It is great for golfers of all levels. As you get better, you are able to narrow the swing plane margin for error. In fact, you do not necessarily have to hit a golf ball when using The PlaneFinder. On a recent TV show, Hank gave one of his celebrity students a homework assignment to take 100 swings per day with The PlaneFinder, in his backyard or garage, without even using a ball.
Pies said Haney’s involvement was crucial to the success of the PlaneFinder.
“Hank has been involved in the process every step of the way. He’s been hands-on with design and function on each of the prototypes. During the design process we were able to spend some quality time on the range at Hank’s home course, working through the prototypes and making tweaks where necessary. It was also pretty cool to be able sneak in a few swing tips from Hank himself.”
Reviews from users, Pies reported, have been “incredible.” He added, “We have numerous success stories from both beginners and single-digit golfers. We hope to film another show and feature some of the people who have made huge improvements in their golf game.”
He said the company is developing a new product that works well in conjunction with The PlaneFinder, and hopes to have the item ready before the year is out.
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