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Etonic Has Strong Roots in Massachusetts
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 10/12/2011

Etonic Has Strong Roots in Massachusetts
Great products often spring from quite humble origins.
In 1876, the man who inspired the Etonic name, Charles A. Eaton, opened his first shoe factory in Brockton, Ma., and over 60 years later the Charles A. Eaton company ventured into golf shoe manufacturing, where it quickly gained a reputation for leading-edge technology and design.
By the 1950’s, hundreds of golf professionals were wearing the company’s “Tournament of Champions” line. Two decades later, the Eaton Company recognized an opportunity in the running shoe category, and it soon became one of the most respected brands among diehard runners. In 1976, the company officially changed its name to Etonic.
Etonic has been sold and acquired by several different corporations, but the company has maintained its roots in New England and continued to build upon its heritage of product innovations and industry “firsts.”  Those firsts included the first golf shoe with GORE-TEX linings all the way to its recent groundbreaking Stabilizer technology.
 Etonic was sold in 2006 to Lotto Sports Itiania, a leader in technical footwear in soccer and tennis.
 Kent Wheeler, Director of Sales and Marketing for Etonic, says the firm and New England have always been an ideal marriage.
“If you live here you know New England is a great place to live and work. Etonic has very strong roots in New England, and even though the headquarters has moved a few times with different ownership, it has always remained in Massachusetts.” 
While the company’s warehouse operations are located in Atlanta and all products that Etonic sells are shipped from that Georgia city, the firm’s headquarters is located in Westborough, Ma. The office houses the Etonic showroom, sales, marketing, customer service and accounting for its golf, running, soccer and bowling divisions. 
Said Wheeler, “We have a veteran management team with vast footwear and specific industry experience, golf, running, bowling and soccer. Many of our employees have experience with other New England footwear companies prior to Etonic. Our sales representatives for golf are independent reps which sell directly to golf shops and golf specialty stores. The reps are seasoned golf sales reps and do a great job representing Etonic in their respective territories.”
Etonic moved its headquarters from Waltham to Westborough about four years ago for space purposes. Wheeler said the company now has ample room in its new headquarters building to expand as its various business units warrant it. He said there are several reasons that set Etonic apart from the competition in the golf footwear marketplace and in other markets.
“For nearly six decades, Etonic has been known for quality footwear and technological advancements. We have set industry standards in golf footwear with many first; such as the first company with waterproof leather and first bio-mechanically designed outsole (Stabilizer). Our brand name has been worn by all types of golfers, from the daily fee golfer to the Tour professional. One of our biggest assets at Etonic is our strong brand equity. We believe Etonic has a big opportunity to grow in all the divisions based on products and best practices.”
Wheeler added that the consumer can expect new cutting edge products from Etonic in the near future.
“Our R&D Team is always testing new materials and outsole designs that would enhance the golfer’s game. Our focus has always been and will continue to be on game improvement technology and our new product introductions in the upcoming months will reflect that.”
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