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Make More Putts with the New Medicus OverSpin Putter
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/12/2011

Make More Putts with the New Medicus OverSpin Putter
Medicus Golf, the developer of the number one swing trainer in the world, is taking its advanced technology to the putting green with the launch of the Medicus OverSpin Putter.
The Medicus OverSpin Performance Putter Line is the company’s first introduction in the field of high performance golf equipment and one that has been long in the making.
For the past two decades, Medicus has been manufacturing some of the most widely used and praised golf training products on the market, all of which have been designed after years of research and development based around the science of the swing. The company says that development of the OverSpin Putter Line utilizes the same science that has helped golfers improve their games through training equipment. Medicus has incorporated similar technology to help golfers perform during actual play with the OverSpin Putter Line, a “high performance putter.”
The OverSpin Putter features a revolutionary angled-face that makes it the only putter with “front wheel drive” drive, says the company. A patented Angled-Face strikes the ball above center to eliminate skidding and hopping, which can lead to fewer missed  putts and better scores. A quality grip and soft feel results in an immediate true forward roll, giving the user more control over the ball.
The Angled-Face design also sets this putter in its own unique class. Unlike other putters that use a conventional face design, the OverSpin Angled-Face technology offers golfers the ability to make difficult long putts with more ease, including hard to judge shots from the fringe and just outside the fringe in the rough areas.
The Angled-Face design actually cuts through higher grass, pushing the blades down and under the clubface as it slides through the rough or skims along deep fringes, eliminating excessive drag and allowing a clean strike on the ball. Imparted over-spin then drives the ball on a direct target line, helping to achieve a surer and closer approach to the hole without the need for specialty clubs or wedges. The putter’s patent-pending CT Grooves act as a set of tracks to keep the putter-face from turning as grass pulls against the club, and a beveled face feature reduces the amount of friction caused by the grass and puts an overspin on the ball. Combined, these features create an effective club on and around the green.
“You’re gonna make more putts and shoot better scores with the OverSpin Putter,” says Chuck Evans, Executive Director of Instruction for Medicus Golf and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor.
The company is so sure golfers will love the OverSpin that they will let customers try it free. Try either the OverSpin Mallet or Blade against your own putter free for 30 days. If your scores don’t improve immediately send it back and you won’t be charged.
To try the OverSpin Putter free, go to Act quickly and get free shipping as well.