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F2 Golf: New SS Wedges and Andy North a Winning Combination
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 10/12/2011

F2 Golf: New SS Wedges and Andy North a Winning Combination
Andy North, longtime ESPN analyst and winner of the 1978 and 1985 U.S. opens, is the newest addition to the team at F2 Golf.
North, the host of the new F2 SS (Super Spin) Wedge infomercial, will be featured on the F2 Golf landing page, social media outlets, in-store print media, web advertisements, as well as exclusive video content for F2 Golf. F2 Golf is a division of Performance Sports Brands, Inc.
North was a three-time winner on the PGA Tour but one of only 19 players who won the U.S. Open more than once. North once posted a nine-hole score of 27 during a PGA Tour event, a feat only two other golfers can claim.
Subscribers to F2’s emails will gain access to exclusive video content featuring North as he demonstrates the short-game shots that helped him win his two major championships. The videos will also be accessible with the purchase of a new F2 SS Wedge, providing video instruction with the new product.
“It’s very important that a professional with the credentials of a two-time U.S. Open champion would choose to play and endorse the new F2 SS Wedges,” said Mike Abram, president of Performance Sports Brands, Inc. “We were thrilled because it validated our belief that we really had something with these wedges.”
He continued, “We designed them to be great looking at address, but also have a technological advantage, the dog leg hosel. Having the hosel not connected to the face gives you a larger and more forgiving club face. It also helps the F2 glide through rough and sand as well as practically eliminating the possibility of a shank. And we were surprised when Andy shared with us that he too had struggled in the past with the very occasional shank while on the PGA Tour.”
Said North, “I haven’t talked about it much but at times during my playing career I struggled with an occasional dreaded shank. So when the guys at F2 Golf called and ask me to look at their new wedge, I was very interested. What I like best about this new F2 SS Wedge is that while the radical “hosel-back” or “dog-leg hosel” design makes it a lot easier to hit a shot from any type lie and not worry about a shank, the looks of this new wedge at address are simply beautiful. It looks like any traditional wedge, but with advanced hosel technology and larger, more forgiving face area.”
Abram believes his company is taking the wedge to a new level.
“While many top golf companies have focused on bringing more forgiveness and the latest technology to drivers, irons and even putters, the wedge for some reason has been forgotten. The top selling wedges today are not very forgiving, many are muscle backed, and none have the F2 SS dog leg hosel and a larger effective hitting area. We want to make the game more enjoyable.”
The F2 SS Wedge is available now in cavity back models in 52, 56, 60 and 64 degrees. The cavity back SS wedges are priced at $99.99 each.
Said Abram, “F2 wedges are in the golf bags of well over 100,000 golfers, so we believe the public has taken to them quite well. We believe that with these new F2 SS Wedges--with their technically advanced and more forgiving club head combined with great look at address--more golfers, including low handicappers and professionals, will love them too.”
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