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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  2011 Golf Training Aids to Help Your Game
2011 Golf Training Aids to Help Your Game
By Tom Landers | Published  10/5/2011 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
2011 Training Aids
New Golf Training Aids to Help Improve Your Game

2011 Training Aids

Hank Haney's PlaneFinder
The Hank Haney PlaneFinder immediately shows what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong with your swing. You can use the PlaneFinder with every club in your bag, from a lob wedge to a driver. Get your swing on plane with the PlaneFinder. It's the next best thing to taking hours of lessons with Hank Haney himself.
Price: $119.99

Orange Whip & Orange Peel
Balance is the Foundation of an efficient, athletic golf swing motion. Golfers who swing in balance hit straighter and more powerful golf shots, consistently.
Using the Orange Whip and Orange Peel for only a few minutes a day will develop your most athletic swing possible. The simple design of the Orange’ products make them easy and fun to use, while also providing a ‘low impact’ workout and increasing your flexibility. Let it Whip!


TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve
With the TR3 Speed Sleeve, any club in the bag can be quickly and easily be turned into a multi-dimensional training aid. As we all know, many weighted training tools are available on the market, but few of them are hittable, much less hittable with clubs from your own bag. The benefits of a weighted training system are simple: increased speed, better tempo, overall muscle strength, and ultimately increased distance on full shots, and better control and tempo on chips and putts. Accomplish all of this with the added benefit of training with the same clubs you will take on the course.

Golf Jox Athletic Shorts

Golf JoxTM are innovative and therapeutic athletic shorts that target support to your lower back so you’ll perform better on the golf course, and feel better afterwards.
Golf Jox combine 3 features into one unique and patented product. Our Core Support System, the ability to use hot and cold therapy, and compression shorts provides strength and support to the abdomen, lower back, and entire core allowing you to play your best. In addition, our Hot and Cold Pax help to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and decrease stiffness.
Wear Golf Jox once, and you might start wearing them every day!

TaylorMade TR3 True Path

The True Path putting trainer was designed after years of studying the putting strokes of Tour players, top PGA club professionals as well as top amateurs. Face angle and putter path are both important in successful putting. The best putters have a path that is no more than 2 degrees outside or inside the line. The most common successful putting paths are 1) straight back/straight through and 2)an arc from inside to square to inside. Most scratch and Tour players have an arced path identical to the arced path provided in the TR3 True Path.

Since 1960 the SwingRite has been helping golfers of all levels and abilities attain the proper release of their golf club. Any time your hand release is not exactly at the impact position, you are losing power, which translates into losing distance. With the SwingRite, you can also work on attaining more clubhead speed and better tempo. The SwingRite does it all! This is one of the original training aids for golf. Get yours, and see why it is still one of the top selling products on the market today! The SwingRite makes a great gift for the golfer in your family! We offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee! Available at Edwin Watts Golf and PGA Tour Superstores or online at

Tour Sticks
The hottest training aid on the market today! Tour Sticks will help golfers of all ages and playing abilities improve their game from tee to green. Tour Sticks are a portable, multifunctional training tool used for alignment, ball position and so much more. Such is the versatility and value of this product, they can be seen in the bags of the world leading tour professionals and instructors.
Available in adult and junior lengths.
Price: $14.95

Greens Professor
A new putting aid that may be used indoors or outdoors that will perfect your putting alignment. The Greens Professor may be used with or without a golf ball. A laser emits from the unit towards the toe of your putter and reflects back from the toe of the putter to a fluorescent sighting window shows the face alignment. A small mirror goes on the toe of the putter. As you make your stroke a bright red dot will appear letting you know where the face is through impact. Train yourself to see square and putt square today! Includes DVD.
Special offer: 20% off
or call 800-for-GARY

Skilz Gold Flex

Introducing the SKLZ Gold Flex˙ warm-up and training tool, one of the most effective ways to groove a smooth tempo and an on-plane golf swing. The SKLZ Gold Flex utilizes a flexible shaft and a durable weighted head to improve kinetic sequencing in the swing and strengthen core golf muscles. The SKLZ GoldFlex fits easily in a golf bag and is legal to carry on course.

For corporate orders: call customer service
at 877.225.7275 or email


P3ProSwing™ is an award-winning golf-swing analyzer, training aid and simulator, all in one. Enjoy practice and game improvement while playing beautiful renowned simulated golf courses. Accurate, versatile and portable, P3ProSwing provides in-depth swing analysis data. Receive instant feedback with any club, with or without a golf ball. Measures club-face angle, swing path, angle of attack, hit distance, club-head speed, swing tempo and more. Includes an entertainment package featuring long drive, closest-to-the-pin and hole-in-one contests.


The Tour Striker is the first club that teaches you the tour player's secret to ball striking. Tour Striker club's revolutionary design has the loft and swing-weight of an 8-iron or a 7-iron, but no grooves below the sweet spot.  Tour Striker will train you to hit down on the ball and lean the shaft of your club forward at impact; giving you a Tour quality impact position and results. Become a Tour Striker today!

Automatic Golf Ball Setter
40 Times at the Driving Range.

Take our portable, gravity driven, automatic golf ball dispenser to the driving range and you’ll save your back and cure your slice. No bending or moving your stance. The solid wood frame features a wood veneer track and beautiful oak finish. Endorsed by chiropractic and orthopedic
doctors, and driving range fanatics.

Automatic Golf Ball Setter $99
Free insured Shipping
For further information contact: Herb Jeschke @,
Or 401-640-5389

PSP Golf The Little One Training Tool
Pure Solid Golf’s game improvement club, aptly named “The Little One,” is a revolutionary new training tool that will not only improve your ball striking, increase your accuracy, elevate your concentration and improve your confidence but will also provide instant feedback on your swing that will result in more accelerated improvement and lower scores. By having a more specific target approximately the size of a golf ball our awareness becomes more focused on achieving your goals. The result is more consistent, solid confident, and repetitive shot no matter what club you have in your hands.


My mini Golf
Dads will have fun either practicing their putting or playing miniature golf with their kids with My mini Golf.  It can be used either as a putting practice tool or as an anywhere/anytime putt-putt game with the entire family.  Made in Germany of durable ABS plastic, My mini Golf is portable and ready to be played on any smooth surface – living room carpet, hardwood floors, or short-cut grass or asphalt outside.  You can make a different course every time.  When you're finished playing, place in the included mesh bag and store in the garage or closet until next time!