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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  The Newest in Golf Bags for 2011
The Newest in Golf Bags for 2011
By John Torsiello | Published  10/5/2011 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
2011 Bags: It’s In The Bag
Untitled Document        

Golf Bags

Today’s golf bags are state-of-the- art wonders, whether they be the larger and heavier bags used on motorized carts and push or pull carts or lightweight stand bags--replete with foldout legs--that can be easily shouldered around the course. The latter has become extremely popular with today’s exercise-conscious golfer.

Golf bags are style statements, whether it is be for their color, shape, brand or substance. Let’s take a look at some of the best golf bags on the market

Adams Hornet 11 Divider Cart Bag

The Hornet 11 has a 14-way top to keep clubs separated and organized, a large, comfort-grip and Easy-Lift rubber handle, five pockets that provide ample storage for golf necessities, and two large side pockets for apparel or other accessories. Other features include an adjustable and comfortable dual strap system and an umbrella holder for rainy days. The bag weighs less than five pounds.

Adams Golf Skyhawk Stand Bag

The Skyhawk stand bag has a five-way top with three full-length dividers to keep clubs separated and organized, a sturdy comfort-grip and easy lift rubber handle, ultra-light design, and six-pocket system, including an oversize ball and tee pocket that lays open for easy access and a velour-lined valuables pocket. Additional features include an external drink pouch and a large ergonomic hip pad for added comfort.

Burton Pro Stand Bag

This lightweight Pro Stand Bag is made of polyester and has a seven-way mesh top with full length dividers and a vinyl handle integrated into the bag top. Seven pockets include an insulated beverage pocket and velour lined valuables pocket. The bag also features dual-style shoulder straps and foam hip pad for ultimate walking comfort, and the bottom is stable and push or riding cart-friendly.

Burton Player Stand Bag

The Player Stand Bag is made of nylon and polyester and has a five-way mesh top with full length dividers and a vinyl handle integrated into the bag top. There is ample storage with five pockets that include an insulated beverage pocket and velour lined valuables pocket. The carry bag features backpack-style shoulder straps and a foam hip pad for ultimate walking comfort.


Datrek D-Lite Cart Golf Bag

The 9.5-inch women’s cart bag is made of nylon and has a 14-way mesh padded top with individual dividers, and a velour putter well integrated into the top. The bag has six pockets for ample storage, including an insulated cooler pocket and a fleece-lined valuables pocket. For easy lifting, the bag has two lift assist handles on the top of the bag.

PING Hoofer C1 Stand Bag

Engineered for function and style, the Hoofer has six reconfigured pocket designs to improve access and storage options, while presenting a progressive and sporty style. A five-way top and two full-length dividers provide club separation for easy removal and replacement. The primary strap retracts for ease of use, and dual straps are adjustable for walking to ensure comfort.

PING Traverse Divider Cart Bag

The Traverse has a 14-way compressed nylon top and combines the size of a cart bag with the easy handling of a stand bag, aided by integrated handles on the top and spine. The mesh-covered top has individual dividers, plus an injection-molded putter tube with soft-touch coating. There are nine pockets, including a large, zippered insulated cooler pocket on the front of the bag, which weighs less than 5.5 pounds.

Revolver XL Cart Bag

The nylon bag features a 9.5-inch, seven-way rotation top with Clip-Lok technology to lock two clubs per oversized compartment into place. Each compartment is exceptionally roomy to accommodate oversized grips. The inside bottom of the bag has grip locks to keep the clubs in place. The bag has full length dividers and six pockets, including a removable insulated cooler pocket and deluxe valuables pocket.

Revolver LE Cart Bag

This LE Cart Bag features a 10-inch, 14-way rotating top with Clip-Lok technology to lock clubs into place and grip locks on the inside bottom of the bag to keep each club secure. A “boomerang” interior top design has four slots for easy access to woods, and an oversized putter slot. The full length individual dividers keep the clubs separate in the bag, and two external putter tubes include putter clips.

Sun Mountain KG:2

The KG:2 stand bag is built on the same frame as the popular Superlight 3.5 but offers more pockets, more hand-holds and more style. KG:2 features a 9.5-inch oval, four-way top with full-length club dividers, three integrated top handles and a new lift-assist pocket handle, eight pockets (including a new mobile phone specific pocket), and a cart-friendly bottom.

Sun Mountain Three 5 DLX

This Three 5 DLX utilizes the company’s most advanced stand system, a new patent-pending top design with three integrated handles and a bag body configured for maximum utility. The bag is ideal for the golfer who wants to carry or ride a cart. The women’s Three 5 DLX is one inch shorter than the men’s Three 5 DLX to better accommodate the length of women’s clubs.

Sun Mountain C135 Cart Bag

The C-135 is designed specifically for use on a riding cart. All of the pockets are front-facing, so they are easily accessible when the bag is on the cart. A new patent-pending top has three integrated handles for easy loading and unloading from the cart or a car trunk. A 10.5-inch, seven-way top is reversed, so short irons load in front of long irons and woods. Molded non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the bag help it stand securely while on a cart.

Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag TB1SX6

The TB1SX6 is a lightweight, fully-featured stand bag. Known for its lightweight, fully-featured performance and tested durability, this popular stand bag model provides a hassle-free carry for the serious walker. An integrated handle in the top-cuff and the seamless engagement of the stand mechanism makes the bag easy to use and also fits easily in the well of motorized golf carts.

Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag

Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag
The Lightweight Cart Bag has a newly updated body style with a reverse top cuff design and a popular 14-way divider system. An external putter tube, multiple pockets and lightweight materials make the bag the ideal choice for the player who most often uses a cart. The bag also has a contoured rubber handle for ease of maneuverability and eight zippered pockets, all accessible from a cart

Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag

The Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag weighs only 3.7 pounds but has all the features of a larger stand bag. Full apparel and ball pockets, a double strap, a beverage sleeve and a quick action roller bottom stand mechanism make the bag a good choice for the serious walker. The bag has an eight-inch, two-way compressed nylon top, two-way full-length dividers to minimize contact, and four zippered pockets to store golf gear.

Wilson Staff Feather Carry Bag

This Staff carry bag focuses on lightweight, durable convenience for the serious walker as well as the weekend enthusiast. Innovations include a patented Swivelmax dual strap, stronger, easier-to-operate stands, and one of the lightest overall weights on the market. The bag has an eight-by-seven-inch top with an integrated handle and three full-length dividers, five closed pockets for storage, and an easy access electronics pocket.
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