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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Play Testing  »  Putters  »  Mid Mallets Putters 2011
 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Play Testing  »  Mid Mallets Putters 2011
Mid Mallets Putters 2011
By Tom Landers | Published  08/16/2011 | Putters , Play Testing | Unrated
Putters (Mid Mallets) 2011


Today's Putters Can Turn Disappointment into Joy

Nothing ruins an enjoyable round of golf than a poor day on the greens.
  Let's face it. We have all had those times when we walk off the course feeling like we struck the ball from tee to green as well as we ever have. Yet, when we total up our score it was an average result. The reason? Yep. Too many three-putts and an inability to make anything longer than a few feet.
  So what do we do? Well, we can always try a new putter and with today's plethora of wands there is no reason not to find the right stick to turn disappointing rounds into memorable ones.
  Equipment manufacturers are producing a virtual panoply of putters to choose from. Not happy with the blade you have been using? Try a mallet, designed with incredible perimeter weighting and feel. Not happy with a traditional length putter? Put a belly or long putter into the bag and see if you can turn your luck around on the moss.
  There are so many shapes, styles and lengths, all equipped with state-of-the-art design elements, such as face inserts, new combinations of metals to deliver true rolls and prevent a twisting of the club in our hands, that it can become a bit confusing when shopping for a new putter. Remember…the most important aspect of a putter is how it feels in your hands. That means going to your local green grass pro shop or golf retail outlet and trying a few on for size.
Perhaps more than any other shot, a putt is all about confidence when standing over the ball. Check out these models to get an idea of how to prevent three-putts and start making those 20-footers



Putters Mid Mallets

Tester Comments That is a very nice looking Putter.  It screams QUALITY ! … The finish alone is worth getting this putter, but the feel is what seals the deal for me! … I love the shape and coloring, best feeling putter on market

Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 • $375

Unique Features: The Studio Stock putters are precision milled in the U.S.A. from a fusion of soft carbon steel and "special ingredients" for enhanced feel. But perhaps the real calling card of the new line is the exquisite "Borealis Black" finish, which boasts a luxurious rainbow-like quality when the light hits it just right. Each Studio Stock putter features Bettinardi's patented F.I.T. face (for Feel Impact Technology), whereby grooves are milled into the face of the putter to reduce the surface contact area for a softer sensation at impact.


Tester Comments: Just gorgeous … Ball really rolls off the face perfectly every time … Outstanding feel and performance on short and long putts, you really feel the craftsmanship in this putter.

Dr Pro Pic Putter • $130

Unique Features:
The BB33 is a face-balanced, classic mallet design. Pronounced mill lines on the shoulders help maximize focus on the sightline. It sports a custom double-bend shaft and features a patented Honeycomb face to ensure the flattest surface possible for true rolls of the ball toward the cup.   

Tester Comments: The feel is not great, but the weight is like a slice of Heaven! Helps promote a nice, smooth pendulum stroke … Not too heavy to take away feel on long putts, but heavy enough to make you stroke down the line on short putts.

Heavy Putter Heavy HI M • $120

Unique Features:
The H1-M is face balanced and has a center shaft orientation. A unique parabola channel with a long site line aids in alignment. The putter is constructed of stainless steel, has a CNC milled face and is offered in a Black PVD or Bronze Black Nickel finish. A proprietary shaft creates the necessary weight to give the golfer more control of the stroke.


Tester Comments: Ceramic feels solid although had some challenges with distance control .. This putter felt better on short putts than on long putts … Solid feel and easy to line up and accelerate through putts.

Feel Golf Tsunami • $150

Unique Features:

The Tsunami features a precision balanced, milled face made from a proprietary ceramic composite cradled in brass to provide amazing roll and feedback. The putter has a True Temper double-balanced shaft and a Tour-wrap pistol grip.

Tester Comments: Shape and color of this putter is ideal … Easy to make a smooth stroke and drain those short putts … Looks great, and doesn't feel as heavy as one may think.

Heavy Putter Heavy R3 MT • $200
Unique Features:
            The traditional small mallet design incorporates Tour proven patented weighting technology in the MID-WEIGHT (750gm) category. The R3-MT is face balanced and has a heel mounted double bend shaft with a half shaft of offset. The putter is constructed of stainless steel and is fully CNC milled with a bright silver PVD finish. 


Tester Comments: Very accurate, predictable, balanced nice, would definitely reccommend to a friend … The ball comes off straight and rolling down the line. If I miss the putt, it is my fault on the line or speed and not the putter.

Nike Method Core 4i • $150

Unique Features:
The Nike; Method Core 4i Putter features a proven technology that has won Nike two major championships. Nike's Polymetal Groove Technology, a combination of polymer grooves that raise the launch angle and secondary metal grooves ensure quick forward roll. This tour-worthy putter provides faster forward roll at impact. The combination of soft polymer and milled steel grooves to generates a controlled forward roll.

Tester Comments: The SeeMore Si3 Putter has a wonderful feel … SeeMore is as much about the system as it is the putter, but these putters feel and look great … The feel has a nice little click to it when stuck, you can really feel it coming off the face.

SeeMore si3
• $180

Unique Features:
 The new Si Series combines the proprietary and proven alignment benefits of SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST) in a new line of putters featuring thermoplastic face inserts for a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound characteristic preferred by some players. Si3 is a classic small mallet with a slightly back of center shaft design.

Tester Comments: Really a solid feel to this putter … Puts my hands in a perfect position at address and the bullet shaped back makes every stroke feel solid … Ball rolls straight off face and has a great forward roll.

STX Sync Series SS1 • $100

Unique Features:
The STX Sync Series 1 Putter is the flagship of the new Sync Series from STX. The SS1 is a T-shaped mallet similar to the very popular Sync Tour Pro that was used to win the 2002 PGA Championship and utilizes the latest STX insert development known as F.E.E.L. Technology, which dramatically increases the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of topspin on the ball and keep your putts on line. The "Bullet back" style that STX is known for will help keep your stroke on line and provide unprecedented balance and feel.

Tester Comments:  Great feel, gets ball rolling on line without any backspin, a birdie machine … Awesome alignment ability and feel ... When it sets up next to the ball, you see right away whether you're square to your line.

TaylorMade Ghost TM 770 • $160
Unique Features:
            The Taylor Made Ghost TM-770 Tour putter is constructed of stainless steel and features a unique golf ball white finish that stands out against green grass for improved visual acuity. Its Pure Roll insert reduces skidding at impact and promotes a quicker forward roll, resulting in more consistency and accuracy. This model is the old Fontana head style with a small mallet head, half-shaft offset, and a single bend shaft.

Tester Comments: This putter has a nice compact head that gives it somewhat of a blade feel, in a mallet style putter. Very clean look at address … Everything about this putter is top notch. The feel is excellent, the balls rolls off the face perfectly and its weight distribution is optimal.

Scotty Cameron Squareback 2• $300
Unique Features:
            To give players a bit more toe flow than the nearly-face-balanced Squareback 1, Scotty Cameron moved the neck slightly back toward the heel of the Squareback 2. Also, the plumbing neck is a mid-length neck, which aesthetically accommodates the boxier, crisper lines of the Squareback 2 at setup.

Tester Comments:     I liked the feel of this putter. My lag putting greatly improved,  putts under 5 feet have been automatic … The weight of this putter makes lag putts so much easier … Center hits go exactly where you are aiming and off center hits still go  where you are aiming.

Wilson Staff 8885 • $100

Unique Features:
The 8885 model is a heel-toe weighted malled that is heel shafted and a plumber's neck hosel. The Wilson Staff 88 Series of putters was inspired by the classic Wilson putters, and have been updated with precision milling. The dual-milled face ensures both a flat face for consistency and forward spin/skid reduction for a true, consistent roll. It features Visual Plane Differential alignment technology, providing multi-surface markings to create consistent correct position over the ball.

Tester Comments: The feel off the face is excellent and promotes a good strike with good distance control … Short putts seem to be easier to hole and the weight is perfect for feel putts … Putts rolled very effortlessly across the green and without much effort on my part

Yes Putter Sandy • $150

            Unique Features:
  The Yes Golf Sandy is a compact mallet design with streamlined double delta back for a quick alignment reference and high MOI. The C-Groove on every Yes putter solves the problem of missed putts due to a poor roll. The secret is the 20-degree upward slant of the C-Groove's concentric edges. Upon contact, these edges grip the ball surface and apply physical forces that simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position and impart an over-the-top rolling motion. A better roll means a better putt and lower scores.


Player’s Choice Awards Mid Mallets

Best Appearance
  Bettinardi Studio Stock 7
  TaylorMade TM 770
  Scotty Cameron Squareback

Best Performance
  SeeMore Si3
  TaylorMade TM 770
  Scotty Cameron Squareback
Yes Sandy

Best Forgiveness
  Scotty Cameron Squareback
Yes Sandy

Best Impact Feel
  Bettinardi Studio Stock 7
  Scotty Cameron Squareback
Yes Sandy

Best Alignment
  SeeMore Si3
  TaylorMade TM-770

Best Overall
  Betinardi Studio Stock 7
  SeeMore Si-3
  TaylorMade TM 770
  Scotty Cameron Squareback
  Yes Sandy