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The Unsung Secret to Better Golf By Paul Banks
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 05/4/2011

The Unsung Secret to Better Golf By Paul Banks

While golf instruction goes the way of the rest of the world and becomes so infinitely tangled in high tech gadgetry, I’d like to remind you that there is one secret that is absolutely vital to your improvement  - BALANCE.  

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the gadgets, they make me seem like a rock star in my lessons – however, I mention this because I see multitudes of players who lack stability in their swings, who fall as though wounded, even with their putting stroke, and who blame everything but their lack of equilibrium for the lack of result.
If you were just starting out in your first lesson, it would be on the putting green.  There you would learn the importance of a ‘still’ head.  You would putt four-foot putts until there was no tendency of your upper body to slide forward.   We would impress upon you how vital it is to keep the ball crisp and clear in your vision, without, we would teach you to focus on a blade of grass just behind the ball, never raising your head or moving your eyes from that spot until you hear the ‘clunk’ of the ball in the hole.

Once this exercise is perfected, you would begin hitting short pitch shots using the same principles.  Over a period of multiple lessons (really testing your patience…) we would finally arrive at hitting full shots on the range.  By then, however, you would be quantum leaps beyond those who learn by whacking balls.

What you would discover with all of this dull practice is that you would be unable to master this simplest of drills unless your whole body was in perfect balance - forward and backward, front and back, up and down.

So whether you are a veteran or a raw beginner, give BALANCE its rightful place in your hierarchy of learning.   This will pay huge dividends in every aspect of your game.

A side note - don’t forget conditioning! The top contributor to good balance is strong legs.  Exercise, such as running, bicycling or elliptical training, will go a long way.   

Remember, balance in motion gives grace to your swing.