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The Elements of Speed
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/27/2011

The Elements of Speed
The body is our engine, and that engine needs to move the golf club.  If the club is used effectively, the faster it moves, the more energy is transferred to the ball, and the ball travels a greater distance.  To maximize speed we need to use both our body and arms.
First, look at the core movement of the body.  I use the term “pivot” to describe the rotation of the body in the golf swing.  Focusing only on the hips, the golfer pivots into the right hip on the backswing, transitions into a “neutral” position on the downswing, then continues to pivot completely into the left hip socket.
Once a player has completed the backswing, we come to the transition.  This is the transitional movement from the top of the backswing into the downswing.  When working on your transition you may find it helpful to simultaneously feel the right shoulder going down, your arms and right elbow moving down in front of your body, and pressure going down into both feet.  Do not be concerned if the amount your shoulders turn on the backswing is less than the model 90 degree angle.
Now comes the moment of truth:  releasing the angles through impact.  There are two methods used to expand the angles:  swinging and hitting.  Top players in the world use both methods.  The reality is that no player uses one method to the exclusion of the other.