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Tour Players know their stats. So should you.
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/27/2011

Tour Players know their stats. So should you.
In this age of endless information on the web, we can find out anything we want.  We can go on the web and locate statistics, past or present, on our favorite golfers.  Tour players use this very valuable information to help fine tune their game, and you can as well.  Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a valuable tool to make your practice time more effective.  If you can take just a few minutes each time you play to chart your round, it would make a world of difference.  The most valuable area will be in the short game.  During each round, keep track of your chips, pitches, sand shots and putts inside of 15 feet or so.  Every time you have one of those shots, judge it on how satisfied you were with the results, regardless if you make the up and down (that is a different stat).  After a couple of rounds, you can get a feel for what areas of your game are in good shape and where you need help.  Next time you are online, take a look at the top tour player’s stats.  You will be shocked.  They do not hit every fairway nor every green, but their short game statistics are outstanding.  Most golfers want to work on their full swing, but you will find that with a little homework, your focus will shift to the short game, and the improvements will show on your scorecard.  Consult your local PGA Professional for help with this homework assignment.