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Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/27/2011

“Keys To Good, Consistent Putting”
How important is putting to the overall game of golf?  The numbers tell the story:  Statistics show putting is 40-43% of the average golf score.  Simply put, if you want to score well, you must learn to putt well.  In this and future articles, I will list and explain ‘the keys to good, consistent putting.’

Without a doubt, the #1 key is “organization of your mind”;  to ask and answer the questions, ‘what are we going to do’, and ‘how are we going to do it?’  Remember… the challenge in putting, in golf, and in sports in general is coordinating the mind and the body.

In putting, I link organization with strategy.  The strategy component is easier than you might think, involving: A) picking a distance based on the current realistic skill from which the golfer can reasonably attempt a one-putt, say 10-12 feet.  B) With all putts longer than say, 12 feet, the thought is to get the first putt close enough to the hole to get a 2-putt result.  Remember, 2-putting is good putting for the average golfer.

Organization decisions are made when you ‘read the putt’, based on these factors:  A) Whether the ball will move left or right, or vice versa.  B) Whether the putt is uphill, downhill, or flat. C)  The distance between the ball and the hole (part of PPR, ‘Pre Putt Routine’).  D) Deciding on the correct strategy.  Never second-guess your first decision.
In the next article, I will detail the all-important key of having a top level Pre Putt Routine (PPR).  Good luck, and remember The Putting Doctor Slogan….  
“Reach The Hole”!