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Breakfast Ball
By Golfing Magazine Staff | Published  04/27/2011 | Long Island, Metro NY | Unrated
Breakfast Ball: Random Thoughts from a Hopelesslymedicre Long Island Golfer
… During the golf season, you take lessons, hit buckets of balls at the range, try to get in as much golf as possible, but still hit dribblers, pop-ups, slices and pulls off the first tee.  Then, you don’t pick up a club from Thanksgiving through early March, and your first drive of the new season on hole #1 is straight down the middle.  Go ahead and explain that.

….Not many agree with this, but I strongly feel Tiger will never win another major – and it has more to do with the rest of golf catching up to him than with any of his own difficulties.  And his competitors no longer fear him as they once did.

…My wife doesn’t understand my need to keep my clubs out where I can see them, even in the dead of winter.
… Can’t wait to get back to those oversized greens at Swan Lake in Manorville… but I did have a 5-putt at the 9th hole a few years back, costing me a chance to break 40 on the first nine, which would’ve been a first.  

…Here’s hoping the 2011 Charity Golf season is a very healthy one for all the wonderful organizations that use outings as a fundraising tool.  Aside from contributing to a great cause, many of us get to play courses we never would otherwise.  And when it’s a scramble format, you feel as if you played better than you actually did.

…I still have a pair of pants with a front pocket that has a Velcro opening inside, allowing me to drop a ball down my leg to the ground.  “Hey, what do you know?  Found it.”  My pals were amazed how I never lost a ball in the woods, and always had an unobstructed shot to the green.  But it’s been a long time since I did this.  Last June, I think.

…Playing as a single, I know it’s going to be a great day if the golfers I link up with know every line to ‘Caddyshack’ and/or ‘The Godfather.’  It’s going to be a long day if any of the golfers use their tees as toothpicks, and keep it in their mouths as they swing the club.

…Ever notice how even a bumper-to-bumper Long Island traffic jam is easier to take when driving home from a round of golf in which you played well?  

…The 2013 U.S Women’s Open at Sebonack can’t get here soon enough… but it’s a shame Bethpage Black, Shinnecock, and Winged Foot are not currently among the confirmed venues for any future majors.  Back in ’09, Phil Mickelson remarked that Bethpage Black would be perfect for a Ryder Cup – but the next U.S. opening for a Ryder Cup is in 2024.

…Speaking of the ‘Black’… all Long Islanders owe a little something to David Fay, who officially retired as president of the USGA as 2011 began.  It was Fay (a native New Yorker), along with former New York State Commissioner of Parks & Recreation Bernadette Castro, who were the driving forces behind the successful effort to bring the U.S Open to Bethpage in ’02 and ’09.

…And as the ‘Black’ celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2011, I plan to revisit my youth sometime this year by sleeping in my car in the Bethpage parking lot to snag an early tee time.  And then I’ll play the Red.  The famous sign at the Black, which ominously recommends the course ‘only for highly skilled golfers,’ still intimidates the living daylights out of me.