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The Declaration
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/27/2011

The Declaration
No, I’m not talking about your name. I’m talking about the person behind that name. I’m talking about all the things you value in yourself and in others. Maybe you are someone who knows what you want to be, but for one reason or another have not followed your intuition.
Imagine yourself as an onion. Start peeling away the outer layers, and eventually you’ll get to a center. That center is who you are. If you peeled away all your superficial outer layers, do you know what’s inside you? Can you say without hesitation, “This is me. This is important. Mess with this, and I’m not me anymore.” I would suggest you first take the time to get to know yourself better, to get to know yourself in a way that not even your closest friends think they know you.

Think of your life as a mission. Before you go on that mission, and hopefully, make others want to come along for the journey, don’t you think you ought to have a crystal clear idea of what that mission is and who you are?
The success of the American Revolution could be attributed in large part to a group of leaders who not only had a clear idea of what their core values were, but how to articulate those values, and communicate those values to their followers. Think about how powerful and relevant the Declaration of Independence still is today. If you stopped an American on the street, and asked him or her about what America is all about, that person would probably use some of the words from that trusty 200-plus year-old document. They remember these specific phrases, because they, more than anything else, define who we are. They are the middle of America’s onion.
Now, think about yourself. Imagine that this inspired journey you’re taking is a kind of personal revolution. Why not have your own declaration? I call this process, coming up with a “Declaration of Purpose.” Go ahead. Start putting some words down.  The  important thing is to begin the journey … Now!