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Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/1/2011

Drivers “Tour Like” Customization Comes To The Masses
Never a group to be constrained by boundaries, today’s golf equipment designers are constantly exploring new ways to make clubs perform better.

With the allowable limits reached on such crucial factors as driver clubhead size and clubface coefficient of restitution (COR), the R and D departments at major golf companies are coming up with more and more innovative solutions in their quest to produce high performance drivers. We see shafts being lengthened a tad to create greater swing arcs and produce more distance, new combinations of metals showing up in clubfaces to allow for the design of ever-larger sweet spots, and lighter overall weight to generate faster swing speeds and hotter ball flight.

Many of the top manufacturers now offer some type of adjustability/adaptability in their new drivers in order to squeeze out every last bit of performance. These innovations allow the user to alter the face angle, lie angle, effective loft, spin rates and even flight characteristics. This is done through the use of various weight plugs, changing the actual conjoin of the hosel and clubhead as well as sole plate adjustments. This high-tech individual customization lets players find the conditions that work best for them, whether it is to correct a slice, tame a hook or maximize distance.

While this all may be lost on the average Joe who only plays golf once a week in his nine-hole league the better player, and those seeking to become better players, can benefit significantly from having the ability to alter a driver’s playing characteristics to suit their individual swings and abilities.

Manufacturers are also offering multiple shaft choices on today’s drivers, presenting consumers even more customization options.
There is no need to fumble about with a driver that doesn’t fit your game. Today’s trend toward adjustability/adaptability and shaft options makes it easier for you to have the perfect driver in your hands.