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Polara Golf’s New Self Correcting Golf Ball is a Real Game Changer for Recreational Golfers!’s-New-Self-Correcting-Golf-Ball-is-a-Real-Game-Changer-for-Recreational-Golfers!/Page1.html
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/1/2011

Polara Golf’s New Self Correcting Golf Ball is a Real Game Changer for Recreational Golfers!
Are you one of the millions of recreational golfers who struggle with their golf game? Statistics show that nearly 85% of amateur golfers hook or slice the golf ball and carry an average handicap greater than 20. If you are, Polara Golf has introduced exactly what you are looking for. It’s the World’s First Self-Correcting golf ball. While other golf ball manufacturers make “claims” about improving accuracy or reducing your hook or slice, the unique dimple design of the Polara Self-Correcting Technology™ golf ball actually does it!
Polara golf balls were tested by Golf Labs, a leading independent golf testing laboratory in San Diego, CA, and the results were amazing.

The Golf Labs robot was set-up to hit balls under several different slice swing conditions. Under all test conditions, the Polara Self-Correcting golf balls were demonstrably straighter than two of the most popular balls in golf, and time after time corrected hooks and slices up to 75%. So, what this means is if you normally slice the ball about 100 ft. to the right, and out of bounds, you will now only be about 25 ft. to the right, but still in the fairway.

“We’re delighted to introduce golfers to the first of many products that have No Limits other than the laws of physics,” said David Felker, PhD, Head of Technology for Polara Golf. “Currently, there is nothing a golfer can purchase that even comes close to correcting hooks and slices as well as these new Polara golf balls. The Self-Correcting Technology™ of the Polara Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS golf balls will change the game of golf by making it more enjoyable and even speeding up play.”

The new Polara golf balls are available in two different models, the Polara Ultimate Straight (a 2-piece construction ball) and the Polara Ultimate Straight XS (a 3-piece construction ball). Each ball utilizes Polara’s Self-Correcting Technology™ and unique design, where each dimple on these golf balls has a specific purpose in correcting hooks and slices by up to 75%. The only real difference is that the 3-piece Ultimate Straight XS ball will spin a little more and hold the greens better.

Polara Golf uses the best available technology to create demonstrably better products that are not limited by anything other than the Laws of Physics. All of the Polara golf balls are designed for recreational golfers that want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help golfers enjoy the game more.

For more information about Polara Golf, visit or call 866-556-3100.