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Flying Direct
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 02/11/2011

Flying Direct

I hate flying. Actually it’s not the flying, but the hassle of the whole travel experience. Then I was introduced to Direct. Direct Air is technically not an “airline” but a “public charter.” I don’t know if I really understand the difference, but I can now say I see a clear cut difference from my typical experience with air travel. It all started when we arrived at Worcester Regional Airport. The facility is modern yet has a small town feel. Parking was a breeze and the lot is conveniently located right next to the terminal. There was no line at the check in counter, yet two people were there to assist customers. The TSA security was a breeze. I guess when you are not constantly inundated with people a friendly, helpful attitude is easier maintained. Just adjacent to our gate was a deli-newsstand-lounge with exactly what we were looking for… adult beverages and free wi-fi! Our flight boarded smoothly and on time. The airplane was clean and the flight crew professional, helpful and friendly. We settled into our leather seats and just a short time later arrived at our gate and debarked in West Palm… early! When we arrived at the luggage area, our golf clubs were already waiting!  The return trip to the frozen tundra of New England was much the same. No line at check in. Clean airplane, friendly, courteous, professional flight crew. Took off on schedule, arrived and debarked ahead of schedule. It was like deja-vu. Our golf clubs were waiting for us and we were in the car and on the highway home within ten minutes of arrival. Living where I do in Connecticut, Worcester is not the closest airport. However I can say because of my Direct Air experience, it is now my airport of choice. As an avid golfer, you should really check them out. In addition to West Palm, they fly non stop out of Worcester to Myrtle Beach and Orlando. I’m actually looking forward to my next golf trip on DirectAir!