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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  New on the Tee  »  Cool Items from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show
Cool Items from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show
By Tom Landers | Published  02/4/2011 | New on the Tee | Unrated
Cool Items from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show
2011 PGA Merchandise Show

Cool Items from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show

Golfing Magazine visited the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show that took place from January 26th – 29th in Orlando, FL. With over a million square feet of exhibits space and 12 miles of showroom aisles, the PGA Merchandise Show is the largest single gathering of the industry's biggest and smallest manufacturers. We managed to march through almost every aisle and take in all the new things coming out this year. Below we found some cool items, in our opinion, to present to present to you. Look for all the newest drivers, fairways and shafts in the Spring issue of Golfing Magazine or online at

TaylorMade 2011 metal woods

The 2011 TaylorMade line up is a total white out and proves once again TaylorMade is at the forefront of metal wood technology. The R11 Driver can be adjusted for loft using Flight Control Technology (FCT), face angle with the new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) and CG location with Moveable Weight Technology (MWT.) The R11 Fairways feature both FCT and ASP and the new Rescue 11is adjustable for loft with FCT. The all new Burner 2.0 line of Drivers, Fairways and Rescues feature the company’s Superfast technology. And the white crowns of all is not just marketing hype that’s easily spotted on TV but eliminates visual “hot spots” and contrasts distinctively with their black faces for easy alignment.

Nunchuk Shaft

This remarkable shaft features what the company calls, Tri-Zonal Stability (TZS) that claims to golfers unparalleled consistency, accuracy and performance. The Nunchuk is available in only one flex and is not to be tipped but only butt trimmed. The same shaft is used by Bob Hope winner Jhonattan Vegas and ladies! Skeptical? So were we. We tried it and watched as several others with varying swing speeds produced long and straight shots time after time. You gotta try it. It works!


These little buggers were launched in 2008 and since that time they have appeared on the clubs of tour pros like Pat Perez and Tommy Armour III, both have a cool Q rating. The come in several designs from skull and crossbones to shamrocks. You can use them to personalize your golf balls, clubs, you name it. They didn’t make this list because they’re cool, but because they make everything you put them on cool!

TRUE  linkswear Tour Shoes

For any golfer who has dreamed of walking fairways barefoot, this is your chance. TRUE linkswear shoes are the closest that you can get to playing in your bare feet, while also getting the benefit of traction and waterproofing. According to PGA Tour Pro Ryan Moore, the TRUE tour is the lightest, most comfortable and best feeling golf shoe he has ever worn.


Golf Jox Athletic Shorts

(w/hot & cold compression therapy) - These unique compression shorts claim to help you stay active longer by providing strength and support for the abdomen, lower back and entire core. They are breathable and moisture wicking and support the L4/L5 area of the back that experiences the most pressure in the golf swing. They also feature a pouch that allows the wearer to apply hot and cold therapy to the L4/L5 region. –


Bushnell Hybrid

This is the first laser rangefinder and GPS in one. This unique device provides the best of both worlds, by offering the accuracy of laser rangefinders and the versatility of GPS technology. The Hybrid is pre-loaded with more than 16,000 courses in the U.S. and Canada yet still offers Bushnell's dependable ‘pinseeker’ laser technology.  And yes, it’s competition legal.

Tour Striker

Inventor Martin Chuck had his eureka moment when he was working as a teaching professional, trying to fix the timeworn early wrist-release of a student. An early wrist release, or a cast, is perhaps the most common separator between average players and good players. Chuck took the bottom grooves of an 8-iron to a grinding wheel, rounded the bottom third of the face, and thus was a born a club that can't be hit unless the hands are ahead of the ball. By now you’ve seen Gary McCord pitching it on TV. It’s cool and it works!


The Little One

“The Little One” from PSP Golf is just as it sounds, a mini headed golf club. It not only improves your ball striking but elevates your concentration and helps to build your confidence. You receive instant feedback on your swing that results in more rapid improvement. "The Little One" frees you up to hit every shot without fear. The result is more consistent, solid, repetitive shots no matter what club you have in your hand.

Abacus Pitch 59 Rain Jacket

Abacus has taken rainwear to another level with a form-fitting jacket that is both waterproof and breathes. What's the use of blocking water if you're only going to sweat and get wet from the inside? The Pitch 59 has four pockets. One is placed on the back and an an inside pocket has a towel to dry your golf ball. Abacus designed in four-way stretch to ensure you won't need to take off the jacket

when you hit your shot.


C. Carnahan Forged Wedges

This is a simple story – elegantly crafted, forged wedges with classic lines at an affordable price. Enough said.


Randy Myer’s “Tour” Stretching Pole

The Myer’s stretching pole has been around for some time now and believe me it works. With the addition a new flex handle to put your hands in a club gripping position, this classic make my “cool” list for

getting cooler!



Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. The Puttermaster is an innovative, yet simple golf training aid designed to isolate and stabilize the wrist and forearm motion during the putting stroke. This helps you develop an accurate, correct and repeating putting stroke. Endorsed by Top 20 instructor and 2009 NCAA Division 2 National Coach of the year, Mark Immelman, I can attest first hand, it works!


Momentus Speed Whoosh The Speed Woosh is new this year and based on the track record of Momentus training aids, it’s sure to be a hit. While watching two-time long-drive champion, Jamie Sadlowski, put the Speed Whoosh through the paces at this year’s demo day audio feedback immediately apparent. It tells you whether you've cast your swing too early or held on to your wrist angle until impact. When you swing, you should hear the whoosh right after impact zone. And yes, it works for us mere mortals also. –

Champ Zarma Spike

The Zarma’s traction element is made of strong abrasion resistant urethane. They provide a sure footed yet comfortable experience for the golfer. Zarma’s ‘C’ wear indicator lets you know when it’s time for replacement and when that time comes you’ll appreciate the reinforced durable wrench holes. These have what it takes to make even a spike cool.


Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim Sunglasses

These active wear sunglasses feature adidas’ Light Stabilizing Technology that prevents eye fatigue and improves the power of concentration by intensifying contrasts and harmonizing light fluctuations caused by interplay of light and shadow. If that doesn’t tip your cool scale, they’re available in 2 sizes with adjustable bridge and temples and come in 3 colors.   

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