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New Golf Gloves for Your Game
By John Torsiello | Published  09/29/2010 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
Find a Golf Glove That Fits Your Hand and Your Game

Find a Golf Glove That Fits Your Hand and Your Game

Freddie Couples notwithstanding, most golfers believe a snug-fitting golf glove is essential for good play.
  It’s quite simple, really: A golf glove allows the golfer to hold the club securely without gripping it too tightly. A glove also protects the hand from calluses and blisters.
  Golf gloves can be traced back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when golfers found that a leather glove allowed them to start their downswings without having their top-hand hand slip off the club’s grip. Because both the glove and grip were made of the same material, the two leather objects adhered perfectly without twisting in the golfer’s hands.
  Today’s gloves come in a variety of materials, including fine leather, synthetics or a combination of both materials. Leather offers feel, while synthetic grips provide tackiness and help gloves keep the club from slipping in almost any weather conditions. Mesh backing is often integrated as a cooling feature.
  Gloves come in a range of sizes and colors, thus it is of paramount importance to try a glove on first before you buy, as glove sizing varies by manufacturer. A large glove made by one company, for example, does not necessarily fit the same as a large from another company. And sizing can also be inconsistent within the same company.
  The price of a top quality glove, usually between $12 and $25, seems a small fee to pay for such an important item. Synthetic gloves can cost as little as eight or nine dollars and are ideal for mid- or high-handicappers. Better players usually opt for gloves made of fine Cabretta leather that offer superb feel on short iron and chip shots.
  There are a plethora of brands on the market, including gloves made by FootJoy, Bionic, Etonic, Callaway, Srixon, Nike, TaylorMade, Wilson, and Adidas. Although most green grass pro shops feature a limited selection of brands, you still may want to consider having a golf professional help you find the proper fit for your hand. Sporting goods stores and off-course golf retail shops offer greater selection and often better pricing.
So, do a little shopping around to find the right golf glove that fits your hand, and your game.


Bionic Performance Series

Unique Features: The Performance Series is newest addition to the only glove line designed by an orthopedic hand specialist.  This new glove incorporates unique three-dimensional Bionic Technology featuring an exclusive “Triple Row Finger Grip” that enhances gripping ability on the club. Elongated flexion zones and the pre-rotated finger design provide the ultimate in flexibility and great feel in the fingers.  The combination of lightweight cabretta leather and the anatomically-designed terry cloth features inside, make the glove one of the most breathable and durable gloves on the market.  Golfers report Bionic lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional leather gloves.  The new glove conforms to USGA rules.

$24.99 & 12.99
Callaway Ion & X-Series

Unique Features: The Ion features premium AAA grade Ethiopian Cabretta leather that provides superior Fit and feel. Precision leather positioning maximizes the performance of the leather while Birds Eye 42 sublimated performance mesh provides ventilated flexibility. With Ion generating band.

The Callaway X-Series features ethiopian Cabretta Leather that provides superior feel and Birds Eye 42 fabric along with X-SPANN2 technology allows for a custom fit with ventilated flexibility. The Flex Band closure ensures a precision fit.

Etonic GSOK

Unique Features: This 100% Abyssinian Cabretta Leather provides a soft ultra thin grip. The Cabretta Leather Island Thumb is surrounded and reinforced with Etonic’s Aerify™ Lycra® to provide freedom of movement and reduce stress on the palm seams.  The Dri-Sorb™ Moisture Management Wrist helps absorb moisture and lock the glove on the hand resulting in added stability and comfort. Breathable Dri-Lite™ microfiber is used on the back of the glove to ensure consistent fit and extend durability.

Footjoy SPIDR2

Unique Features: The new SPIDR2 has been designed and developed for players looking for maximum grip and control with a progressive new look in a golf glove. DTR™Digital Tac Leather™ - The DTR™Digital Tac Leather™ provides digital water resistant leather on the entire palm and fingers of the glove. FiberSof™ material is located throughout the back of the hand and along the fingers for a leather-like feel, comfort and consistent fit.  PowerNet™ mesh is integrated into the base area of the thumb and back of the hand, improving flexibility, breathability and providing a more consistent thumb fit. The integration of SPIDR2’s proprietary innovative materials provide a powerful grip advantage for nearly every playing condition.

Nike Elite

Unique Features: The New Nike Elite Feel golf glove features a premium cabretta leather tanning process that provides a soft, supple feel along with excellent fit, grip and durability. The perforated fingers offer enhanced breathability and a better range of motion. An angled tab design gives a superior ergonomic fit. The Elite Feel glove also features customized fitting system for all hand shapes and sizes. Other gloves from Nike include the Dri-FIT Tour TW, the Tech Xtreme and the Dura Feel.

$20 & $15
Wilson FG Tour & Conform

Unique Features:The new Wilson Staff FG Tour glove is cut and sewn to Tour player specifications and is made of extra thin premium Abyssinian cabretta leather.  Each FG Tour glove goes through an exclusive Tack Teck™ tanning process for unsurpassed feel and grip control. 3M Scotchguard leather protection provides softness round after round while the pre-curved fingers give a natural fit the very first time and less wrinkling for better feel.
The new Wilson Staff Conform glove is the new standard in comfort and performance and is made out of premium Abyssinian cabretta leather.  Each Conform glove goes through an exclusive Tack Teck™ tanning process for unsurpassed feel and grip control.  A 3M Scotchguard leather protection provides softness round after round.
Anti-microbial performance mesh dissipates heat and moisture, enhancing grip and comfort while the I-Pure wrist band with negative ions helps your body’s overall performance.

TaylorMade TP

Unique Features: The TOUR PREFERRED glove was designed with Tour performance in mind. It features our exclusive TP Signature tanning process which incorporates 3M Scotchguard technology and a proprietary blend of elements to deliver enhanced durability, stain resistance, and superior grip in wet and dry conditions.Crafted of utltra-thin AAA Cabretta leather promotes heightened sensitivity and superior grip.  Performance Lycra pleats positioned between the knuckles, enhance ergonomic fit.  Ergonomically designed and strategically positioned seems enhance comfort and provide a consistent fit.  Performance hook and loop closure.  Black ion interior cuff wicks moisture and enhances comfort and performance.

TaylorMade Targa

Unique Features: The TARGA TOUR glove was designed with Tour performance in mind. Featuring 360º Micro-Perforated AAA Tour Cabretta leather panels that are combined with performance mesh in key areas to deliver increased ventilation with unsurpassed fit and feel. Crafted of thin AAA Cabretta leather for Tour feel. Performance mesh in key areas delivers enhanced flexibility with increased moisture and heat dissipation. Micro-perforated for 360-degree ventilation increases airflow throughout the entire hand. Antimicrobial performance fabric enhances fit and increases heat and moisture dissipation.

Titleist Player Flex

Unique Features: A performance golf glove with all the proven benefits of fine Cabretta Leather specially tanned for Titleist. The Players·Flex™ has the added technology advantage of satin net and premium synthetic for optimum fit, feel, performance and durability. Manufactured in their own Thailand facility ensures premium quality, fit and consistency.  Elastic terry cloth cuff and new angled tab closure absorb perspiration while adding comfort and durability to the wrist area.  The satin net panels across the back of the hand and knuckles provide enhanced flexibility as well as breathability as the hand flexes.