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Club selection - By Jay Morelli
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 09/24/2010

Club selection - By Jay Morelli
Management of your game can be more important than how solidly you hit the ball. One of the keys to good management is knowing how far the ball travels in the air with each club and being realistic about that distance. So often a player will hit a career shot, very solid and get maximum distance. That perfect shot is not the norm. When choosing a club assume you’re going to hit it fairly solid but not perfect. You should be able to reach the pin with a pretty good shot. It should not have to be perfect.
Consider the case of my friend Joe. One day Joe hit a 7 iron downwind that landed 10 yards short of the green and then rolled on to the green that was 150 yards away. Joe now thinks he hits a 7 iron 150 yards.
The next day Joe is slightly behind the 150 marker, so he has actually 155 yards to the green. The pin is in the back of the green so it’s 165 to the pin. The green is up a hill, making it a 175 yard shot and it’s into the wind, making it a 185 shot! Joe remembers his 150 yard 7 iron from yesterday, hits the 7 fairly well and the ball comes down 30 yards short of the green and 40 yards short of the pin.
So please be realistic about how far you can hit every club, don’t assume perfect contact and remember to adjust to all that Mother Nature has to offer.

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