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The Missing Link Transition By Derek Hooper
Derek Hooper
By Derek Hooper
Published on 09/24/2010

The Missing Link Transition By Derek Hooper
Why do the Tour Players look like they are swinging so easy yet the ball goes so far? Simple. Regardless of swing technique, they have good Kinematic Sequences. The Kinematic Sequence is a measure of the order in which the body parts start the downswing and then also the order in which they reach maximum speed. If you want to hit the ball as far as you can, it’s simple, improve your Kinematic Sequence.
In this article we are going to look at how you can improve the order in which the body parts move at the start of the downswing. The best way to learn this is to do the following drill in golf posture, with your arms crossed.
Turn into your back swing making sure that you maintain the posture you have created at address, the rear knee stays flexed, your weight moves to the inside of the rear foot and you have created a strong coil by turning your upper body against the lower.
Start the down swing by moving the hips laterally until the lead hip is over the inside of the lead foot. While making this move be sure to keep the upper body in place and not let the shoulders unwind. The stretch you are creating is critical to gaining maximum club head speed.
As the hips bumped towards target, you should notice that the face on spine tilt has increased slightly and that your rear shoulder dropped a little. This reactive move will slot the club into a good position to deliver the club to the ball at impact.
Now turn the hips around the lead leg, pivoting over the lead foot, and allow the upper body to be pulled through to the finish position. If done correctly you will maintain the face on spine tilt, ensuring your head stays behind where the ball would be until after impact. You will also feel the abdominal muscles working hard as they connect the hips to the upper body and it is the hips which are generating the motion.
Do this drill over and over again slowly until you believe you have it perfect. Only then can you start to add some speed.
In the next installment we will talk about how to take our new down swing sequence with the body and incorporate the arms into the motion before finally adding the club. Learning this skill takes time and you will need the time between now and the next issue to learn what we have talked about here before you will be ready to take the next step.

Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at Lake of Isles Golf Academy. He can be contacted at 1.888.475.3746 or