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Our Readers test the newest Putters for 2010
By John Torsiello | Published  08/9/2010 | Putters | Unrated
Putters: The most personal club in the bag.


"The Putter: The Most Personal Club in the Bag"

T his may be a bit harsh but if you’re having trouble holing putts, perhaps the problem is with the hunter and not the bow.
Today, there is simply no excuse not to stand over a putt bubbling with confidence. Club makers have created putters in a plethora of shapes and sizes and imbued them with a laundry list of features to meet the needs and desires of every golfer under the sun.
This year’s putters are bursting with moment of inertia (MOI) features. A high MOI prevents the clubhead from twisting on off-center hits, a key feature because a fraction of an inch movement when club meets ball can make a huge difference on mid- to long-range putts. Designers can achieve MOI through the use of weight plugs in the clubhead of the putter, or by repositioning weight out towards the perimeter of the clubface.
The materials used in putters plays a key factor in overall performance. The old standby, steel, remains popular. However, materials such as bronze, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc and titanium, as well as composite and/or synthetic materials, have allowed manufacturers to expand the sweet zone of the putter face and extend perimeter weighting to achieve that coveted MOI.
Inserts and grooves are fairly common on today’s putters, as designers seek ways to create more feel and feedback off the clubhead and get the ball rolling smoother to allow putts to hold their line to the intended target.
Today’s putters come in a wild array of styles and shapes. It really comes down to what look fits your eye best and instills confidence at address. If you’re on the short side, try a heavier putter to give you more strength on your putts. If you are having trouble aiming the ball at its intended target, consider a mallet with an aggressive alignment aid.
Match your putter’s weight to how you move the club. Typically, face-balanced models are good for straight-back-and-through strokes, and non-face-balanced models are good for arcing strokes.
While custom-fitting is now generally accepted by golfers of all abilities for the driver through pitching wedge, the putter hardly ever receives such treatment. Maybe that is because we can walk into a shop and try out a dozen or more putters on the spur of the moment. Or perhaps we believe a putter is perhaps the most personal club the bag. We don’t need any help. It’s as though there is some mystical connection between golfer and putter that we all search for. Because of their relatively low price point, putters are still pretty much an impulse purchase. But take some time when selecting a new putter and ask for help from a professional. The club should feel good in your hands and look appealing to the eye.
In the end, making putts is all about confidence. The right putter can provide that most necessary of all ingredients to a competent game.

Blade Putters



Axis 1

Unique Features: Traditionalists may have difficulty wrapping their minds around the look of Axis 1’s Eagle putter, but there’s a method to the company’s madness. The pronounced heel of the putter juts out ahead of the clubface, balancing the center of gravity perfectly on the Eagle’s sweet spot. The Eagle has created a ton of buzz since its debut; give it a chance and you may see why.

Tester Comments: This is really a different looking putter but it has perfect balance … Minimal to no twisting, this is the real deal … Easy to make the short putts.



Bettinardi BB26

Unique Features: The BB26 incorporates many design elements from the BB1 model but in a center-shafted zero offset model. The BB26 design has a slightly thicker appearance at address and a “spud” style neck, which provides a smooth transition from shaft to putter head for greater consistency.




Heavy Putter Mid Wt Q2

Unique Features: This classic blade design incorporates Tour-proven patented weighting technology in a new Mid-Weight (750 grams) category. The Q2-M is a “toe-droop” blade with a plumber’s neck hosel and has a full shaft of offset. The putter is constructed of stainless steel, has a CNC milled face, and is offered in a PVD Black or Satin finish. A 200-gram weight inserted in the butt end of the shaft gives the golfer more control of the stroke.

Tester Comments: This putter takes the “hands” out of it and really lets you focus on using the big muscles to keep the ball online … Keeps me from twisting my wrists and my distance control is much better than I thought it would be.



Kramski HPP 340

Unique Features: The precision-milled putter is made out of stainless steel, sand-streamed, with multiple coatings, has a “Precision Club Surface” without grooves, and has a “flexibly applicable plug and play” training aide. It’s available in an exclusive matt mocha color together with matching design cover made of the finest nappa leather. Each putter is custom-fit to the player’s exact putting stroke for increased accuracy and overall putting performance.

Tester Comments: Putts rolled true, without sidespin … Not sure what to expect from a $1400 putter … Felt solid and automatic once I got used to proper aiming.



MacGregor Hoylake

Unique Features: The Hoylake is from MacGregor’s 2010 ROTA Series lineup, named after the practice of rotating courses that have hosted the Open Championship. The Hoylake is traditional in appearance but features modern putter technology. Along with the classic heel-shafted design, there is an ARC face, which is intended to stabilize the ball when rolling off the putter. The club’s face is fine-milled in order to provide a level, consistent surface.

Tester Comments: Classic Blade that rolls the ball well … Ball comes off face softly and stays online well with a solidly struck putt.



Nike Method 001

Unique Features: Nike’s visibly distinctive polymetal groove technology is influential in generating forward roll almost immediately after impact for accuracy and consistency demanded by Tour professionals. The polymetal technology starts the ball with forward spin to minimize bounce and keep putts on line. Flow-through low-durometer polymer material dampens impact vibrations for soft touch.

Tester Comments: The ball comes off the face perfect and rolls extremely true … In my test round I one-putted the first three holes. . . The putter has a great feel. It seems to be forgiving on off center hits, . . . the ball runs out a little farther.



Ping iN Anser V2

Unique Features: The iN series incorporates new perimeter weighting and insert technologies to achieve superior feel and forgiveness. For higher moments of inertia, each new model is designed with center body cut outs which allows weight to be re-distributed to the perimeter for increased stability. Nano-nickel technology insert produces a solid sound and feel.

Tester Comments: The feel of this putter is outstanding. Has a great roll and distance control … Easy to get putt on your target line and has good feel even on the long putts … Ball rolls pure, Ping clubs are quality, made in the USA. Highly recommended.



See More Si2

Unique Features: The new SiSeries combines the proprietary and proven alignment benefits of SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST) in a new line of putters featuring thermoplastic face inserts for a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound characteristic preferred by some players. Si2 is a classic heel/toe blade with a slightly back of center shaft design.

Tester Comments: Great soft feel and balls rolls very true … The SeeMore “Red Dot” system gave me confidence to sink anything … The putter goes where you aim it. No better compliment could be given.



STX 9740/9750

Unique Features: The STX 9740 Putter features a traditionally styled blade head that is machined from 17-4 stainless steel, weighs 345 grams, and incorporates a fixed patented STX elastomer face insert. All three STX face inserts will be available in the 9740; the “softest” black insert, the medium resilient red insert and firmer green insert. The classically designed 9750 blade styled head is a heel-toe weighted putter but encompasses a unique flare neck hosel.

Tester Comments: This putter has soft feel, good feedback, and gives excellent speed control … Traditionally styled blade head that just works, easy to align and rolls true … Soft face technology decreased ball skid and gave a true roll.



Stx Pro Fit 5

Unique Features: For the golfer who prefers to modify both the face inserts and weighting, the STX Profit 5 Putter model is the perfect choice. The Profit 5 Putter is available in three face insert options. The STX Profit 5 Putter resembles a traditional blade with a plumber’s neck hosel design but has a modern appearance with its bold hardware and striking black finish. The head has been designed to be face balanced and features a 71 degree lie and 3 degree loft. A premium KBS steel shaft engineered to respond to a golfer’s hands.

Tester Comments: Great face balanced anser style putter … ability to adjust weighting to fit my preference was key for me.



TaylorMade KiaMa Daytona

Unique Features: The Rossa TP KiaMa putters are forged from 304 stainless steal and then 100 percent CNC milled. The Daytona model feature individual tungsten weights in the heel and toe designed to increase stability on miss-hits. The putter features a new brushed silver finish for a sleek and calming appearance.

Tester Comments: Soft feel and distance control is wonderful … Face seems to grab the ball and put get it rolling towards the target immediately … You can see quality built into every aspect of this putter.. . The perfect balance of form and function



Scotty Cameron Cornado

Unique Features: A two-tiered flange contour flows back into a pulled-in heel that Cameron calls a “pintail.” The design appeals to the putting purist who demands a melt-into-the green putter with spot-on balance and handling. An engraved circle sight dot on the topline—accessorized in rich French vanilla paintfill—helps with alignment, as it leads the eye down a smooth round neck.

Tester Comments: Great balance and top-line sighting … This is a great putter. It is well crafted and sets up true and rolls even truer … Gives great feedback on all putts.



Tour Edge Exotics V1.1

Unique Features: Created for the purist, this classic design is CNC-milled to the most exacting tolerances and delivers superb feedback. Elevating the level of performance to Exotics standards, the putter’s face incorporates a patent-pending, multi-level X-grip face pattern, which gently grabs the ball at impact and releases it on a smooth initial roll and a true line to the cup. A silver-bead finish and a True Temper stepless steel shaft provide a clean appearance.

Tester Comments: This putter has great feel and balance … Golf ball comes off of the face like butter with a great roll … Feels, sounds, and strokes brilliantly


Tour Edge Backdraft GT-1

Unique Features: GT putter features a new alignment aid that is the same width as a golf ball. It features a centered sight line, so golfers can be confident that they’ve got the right set up. An advanced TPE face insert delivers a responsive feel at impact, providing the ultimate touch, even on delicate putts.

Tester Comments: Feels good in your hands .. feels smooth when you stroke the ball .. This putter can’t be beat for the price.



Yes Putter Jennie

Unique Features: Jennie is the heel-shafted, toe down cross between the Sandy mallet and a classic blade. Two, ball-width bosses on the back cavity frame both your ball and the single sight line in the back cavity to encourage accurate alignment of your ball, the center of the face and the intended target. C-Groove Technology makes the ball roll truer and on line resulting in more putts made.

Tester Comments: Gave me a much truer and smoother roll than any other putter … quality and workmanship is of highest quality … Sets up nicely, gets the ball rolling instead of skidding and very easy to align.

Player’s Choice Awards

Best Appearance
Bettinardi BB26
TaylorMade KiaMa Daytona
Scotty Cameron California Cornado

Best Distance Control
Nike Method 001
STX 9740
STX ProFit

Best Alignment
Nike Method 001
SeeMore Si2
TaylorMade KiaMa Daytona
Scotty Cameron California Cornado


Best Impact Feel
Nike Method 001
Scotty Cameron California Cornado
TaylorMade KiaMa Daytona
Tour Edge Exotics
Yes Jennie

Best Balance
Axis 1
Nike Method 001

Best Value
Tour Edge Backdraft

Best Overall
Nike Method 001
TaylorMade KiaMa Daytona
Scotty Cameron California Cornado