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Nickent Golf's PIPE Putter
By Tom Landers | Published  09/1/2005 | Putters | Unrated
The # 1 Alignment Putter in Golf

We have been writing a lot about one of our favorite companies recently, and we had to keep that trend up once we got our hands on the new PIPE Putter. Nickent Golf has outdone themselves this time with a fairly simple idea. The PIPE Putter has a cylinder shaped pipe on the top of the clubhead that makes the 2-Ball alignment look like child’s play. I never thought I would be saying that a putter should be illegal, based on how hard putting is, but this putter makes it so much easier than any putter I have tried.

Not only is it easier for me to see where my putt is lined up, it is easier for everyone to see, including your playing partners. Stand 10 feet behind someone putting with a PIPE and you will be able to tell where the putt is headed. Caddies have even been guiding their players based on where they see the PIPE aimed. What’s the secret? The PIPE is 3-dimesional. It makes it so you can visualize the line to the hole. It also allows you to see your line and your stroke in motion. Because it is one continuous, 3D alignment aid, it only lets your eye to concentrate on one thing: where the putt is headed.

It’s no wonder that the PIPE Putter has helped players on all the 4 top U.S. Tours have their best putting rounds of the 2005 season. Players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and now Champions Tour have posted their lowest amount of putting strokes with the PIPE lining up their putts.  

It even led 3-time PGA Tour Major champion, including the 1983 U.S. Open to their best putting performance of the season, this time in a Major event on the Champions Tour. In its first week in the bag, the PIPE Putter drastically improved the Larry Nelson’s putts per round from a season average of 29.46 to a tournament average of 26.3. This impressive 3-stroke swing led the player to a 2nd place ranking in putting and a 5th place finish at the Ford Senior Players Championship. Previously the 22nd ranked putter on the Champions Tour, the PIPE catapulted the player up to the # 2 putting ranking in the second major tournament of the 2005 Champions Tour.

That’s pretty impressive given Mr. Nelson is a10-time PGA Tour winner and 19-time winner on the Champions Tour. Larry’s putting had slipped a fraction in 2005 from previous years until he found the benefits the PIPE’s 3–dimensional aid on the practice green on Wednesday. A few hours of work with the PIPE and it replaced his traditional anser-like putter for the start of the tournament. His big finish at the major event moved him from 59th to 27th in the Charles Schwab Cup Points standings.

When we asked who the PIPE was for, Nickent officials responded by saying it was for everyone who wanted to instantly shave strokes on the green. What they meant to say is that it was for all players using the 2-Ball and Craz-E putters. The company picked these two best sellers as their comparison competition. They had independent tests by two of the world’s leading golf-club testing companies show the Nickent PIPE handily beat the 2-Ball and the Craz-E putters in tests done to see which model offers the best alignment. They showed that four out of five golfers said the PIPE offered better alignment characteristics than the 2-Ball putter.

On the heels of skid and roll being the new hot putting topic, they also had tests done to see which of the three had the least amount of skid and the truest roll.  Nickent said they came out on top with 24% less skid than both putters. According to Nickent, this kind of performance was accomplished due to maximum ground level weighting mixed with a tungsten plug at the end of the PIPE, plus extreme perimeter weighting caused by surrounding a super lightweight thermoplastic pipe with stainless steel. It’s weight deep in the club head, low in the club head and to extreme outskirts of the club head. Despite what some other manufactures claim, this is the best way to decease skid in a putter, according to Nickent.

The PIPE’s face insert is called the P-Line, an advanced polymer face insert has 98 hardness rating. It produces the perfect combination of soft feel and stability at impact and a truly pleasing feel. I love the way the PIPE feels and I think that this is the easiest alignment system ever produced in a putter. It is worth a look at this smokin' new putter.

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