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The Downswing Sequence By Derek Hooper
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/1/2010

The Downswing Sequence By Derek Hooper
In almost everything you do on a daily basis you use your hands and arms independently from your body. The reason – because it is easier. But it is not necessarily the most efficient way to produce power. I am going to ask you to resist that temptation and let the large muscles of the legs, glutes, abdominals and lower back drive your swing motion.
Get into your normal address position, bend the elbows slightly and hold between your hands something heavy. A medicine ball would be perfect, but an impact bag or shag bag full of golf balls will all work well. Now coil into the back swing making sure that:
1. The medicine ball stays in front of you
2. You stay in posture
3. Maintain the flex in your rear leg
4. The weight moves into the rear leg and inside of the rear foot
5. Your upper body coils about twice as much as your lower

Your goal is to rotate the body back through and throw the medicine ball at the ground three feet in front of where the golf ball would be in your normal set up. The main key with this drill is not whether you can get the medicine ball to hit the ground in the correct spot. The goal is to sequence the body movement correctly so you can achieve maximum speed and consistency.
The motion should be:
1. Bump of the hips to over the lead foot
2. Rotate the hips so that the upper body is pulled through
3. The rotation of the upper body pulls the arms and thus the            medicine ball through.

The sequence is critical and it is vital that you not let the arms take over the motion. Using the weighted medicine ball will provide some resistance so that the arms will lag behind the rotation of the upper body.
Do this drill slowly at first and when you can consistently feel the stretch in the abdominal muscles and thus the sequence occurring correctly only then can you start to add some speed. Check back next issue and we will talk about how to add the club into your new downswing sequence.

Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at Lake of Isles Golf Academy. He can be contacted at 1.888.475.3746 or