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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/1/2010

TaylorMade Performance Lab at The International Golf Club in Bolton, Ma.
The TaylorMade Performance Lab at The International Golf Club in Bolton, Ma. has been a great success, says Steve Tolpa, manager/club   fitting professional at The International GC.

“The lab has been very well received since we opened it and we get lots of emails that the lab met or exceeded golfers’ expectations. We get a lot of guys coming up to check it out and then telling their buddies about their experience and encouraging them to come up as well.”
The labs utilize the most sophisticated motion capture technology to provide golfers a custom fitting experience. The first motion capture system was originally developed at TaylorMade Golf headquarters in Carlsbad, Ca. to offer Tour professionals a more efficient and effective club-fitting experience. Because of the great success of the technology and Tour player satisfaction with the labs, publicly
accessible labs, such as the lab at The International, were launched to allow any golfer seeking a top-end club-fitting experience the access to one.
The fitting session lasts for two and one-half hours and includes
recommendations for the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and even the correct golf ball for an individual’s swing.

Using motion capture technology, fitting experts are able to dissect the golfer’s swing and provide valuable feedback to the customer. Meanwhile, a computer produces a detailed recommendation of TaylorMade golf clubs based upon the golfer’s swing characteristics.
The labs are manned by specially trained and certified PGA pros, and the  sessions use the Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade, which works by gathering vital swing information and statistics by way of a launch monitor, six high-speed video     cameras and a computer to capture the golfer’s swing in sharp, 3-D animation.
Following the swing analysis and club recommendations, demo clubs are built onsite with the customer’s correct swing specifications. The player can then validate the system’s recommendations on the     driving range. New custom TaylorMade clubs, built to recommended specifications, are shipped directly to the customer in as little as 48 hours.
The clubs that are custom-built are priced competitively, matching the lowest prices available at authorized TaylorMade retailers, including discount stores and the Internet. The company also accepts trade-ins, using an independent company for the pricing of a customer’s trade-ins and offsetting the trade-in price against the price of the new set of clubs. Each customer also takes home a DVD with three-dimensional motion images of his or her swing and MAT-T recommendations viewable on any computer.

“Golfers get a one-on-one fitting
session but the lab is much more than that,” says Tolpa. “You learn about your golf swing during the process and the     technology is amazing. It’s a lot of fun and you get concrete data that can help your game.”
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