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New Golf Products - By Tom Landers
By Golfing Magazine Staff | Published  02/3/2005 | New on the Tee | Unrated
New On The TEE - By Tom Landers
Add Some Versatility to your set with hybrid Iron-Woods

Long irons historically have been the hardest clubs to hit for both the recreational golfer and touring professionals and are looking to go the way of the balata ball or the persimmon wood. The Hybrid Iron-wood has arrived with the technological innovations found in todays drivers and are beginning to make the long approach shots look like a day at the beach. They are appearing regularly in the bags of Touring professionals – in fact hybrid iron-woods could be found in most of the bags at the is the 2004 US Open. Here are some of the top models that will instantly help you save strokes.

Callaway Mens Big Bertha Fairway Woods
The all-new Big Bertha Fairway Woods are the product of Callaway Golf's intense desire to help golfers of all skill levels hit great shots more often. The new Big Bertha stainless-steel fairway woods feature an updated version of the famed WarBird sole. These fairway woods also feature a refined version of the three-piece construction used in the Steelhead series of fairway woods, a heavy steel body and face area with a relatively light crown area and a precision-crafted internal weight chip welded inside each fairway wood. The CG is precisely located in each clubhead to optimize balance, trajectory and spin. Available in Strong #3, #3,Strong #4, #4, Strong #5, #5, Strong #7, #7, #9, #11 & #13
$285.00 • • (800) 228-2767

Advanced Golf Technology SuperNova Fairway Woods
Don't be surprised when you drive the ball farther with this 3 wood than with your current driver! These are among the longest fairway woods we EVER tested! Aside from being longer, the Supernova Series fairway woods are also forgiving. The Supernova fairway woods are designed for distance, on the fly, as well as extra long roll-out. The Supernova 3 Wood was up to 20 yards longer other 3 woods we tested! This heat treated alloy produces a pure, crisp sound at impact. Due to the face thickness and straight leading edge, miss hits still go online, every time. And, with nominal gear effect the clubs are worked with ease to either side of the fairway. "This is a beautiful golf club", says Steve Harrop, PGA Professional at Hammock Creek Golf club in Palm City, FL. "These fairway wodds had a solid feel, consistent ball flight and great distance – A club that instills confidence." Available in 3, Strong 3, 5, & 7 woods • Drivers Soon Available
$225.00 • • 714-505-1680

Cobra King Cobra SZ Fairway Woods
These new SZ fairway metals feature a larger, hotter clubface than the previous SS models. The SZ is for "Sweet Zone," which refers to an expanded, hotter club face. The SZ fairway wood design improves upon the hot points across the club face for greater carry distance and improved accuracy. An exclusive face design that includes a rhombus-shaped face center and a thin perimeter creates a maximum transfer of energy. Dual weights in the rear of the clubhead help to lower the CG and produce the desired, higher launch angle with a sweet, solid feel. Available in Strong #3, #3, Strong #4:, #5, #7 & #9 Wood.
$209 • • 800-917-3300

Feel Pro Am Hyper Steel Wet Fairway Woods
The new Copper-Titanium clubface incorporated in the Hyper Steel Wet Series is said to drastically reduce ball spin and increase hang time by as much as 30%, which will enhance both distance and accuracy. Robotic testing has shown that the 3-wood flies almost as far as a driver. The Hyper Steel series produces flyer-type shots with every hit. These fairway woods offer game-improvement playability with their one-degree closed and one-degree open sole plates. Available in 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11
$269 • woods • 877-934-7387

LaJolla Tour Knife Fairway Woods
The new Tour Knife features three blades on its sole that have been reduced in size by 40 percent from the original knife. The Tour Knife also has a 5-gram tungsten weight plug in the back of the clubhead to promote a more boring trajectory. The low outside blades on the sole of the Tour Knife act to stabilize the clubhead through all kinds of turf conditions, while the center blade helps keep the clubhead on-line for enhanced accuracy and ballstriking. Available in 12, 15, 17 & 20 degree lofts.
$199 •

Adams Ovation Fairway Woods
Going back to what made their original woods so appealing, Adams introduced the new Ovation stainless-steel fairway woods. They feature a low vertical CG that allows for ease of use and a higher launch angle, necessary for fairway wood play. MOI is increased to reduce clubhead twisting and to keep shots flying toward the target. These fairway woods are a great replacement for long irons due to their low profile shape and loft increments. Available in 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 7 24 degree lofts both in standard and offset models.
$199 • • 800-622-0609

Mizuno MP-001 Fairway Woods
The MP-001 fairway woods position the CG lower and deeper in the clubhead to generate an optimal blend of trajectory and distance by combining a carbon-fiber crown with a stainless-steel crown. This design allows for internal weight placement that optimizes launch while improving forgivness. A Speed Plate sole allows shots to be struck cleanly from any type of lie. Available in 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 & 21 degree lofts.
$299 • • 800-333-7888

Wilson Deep Red II Fairway Woods
The Deep Red II Distance and Tour fairway woods feature a strategically placed weight pad that moves up to 18 grams of mass low and deep in the clubhead for an optimized CG as well as promoting a higher-trajectory shot and more forgiving off-center hits. A low-profile face design helps to increase playability from a multitude of lies while reducing the tendency for mis-hits. Unique to the Deep Red series is that spin rates decrease on shots struck from the tee however increase on shots struck with a more descending blow from the fairway for enhanced control. Available in 13, 15, 18 & 21 degree lofts • (800) 432-0321

Nike Golf CPR
Some shots offer more excitement than you bargained for. Fortunately, there's CPR. NIKE's CPR (Clubs for Prevention and Recovery) utility woods lend hope to heart-stopping situations by making tough shots play easy. CPR Iron-Woods are made to get shots airborne and keep them straight. So when you're standing over that make-or-break shot, erase the doubts and put your heart into it. The CPR boasts a compact head design with the majority of weight located low and deep – where the ball makes contact with the face. The weighting makes them easier to hit than traditional long irons and they are easy to hit from tight lies in the fairway, making them both a scoring and recovery club. Available in 18, 21 & 24 degrees
$159 •

Tour Edge JMAX Iron-Wood
If you're looking for forgiveness, search no further. The Bazooka Iron-Wood's weight and extremely low CG create a higher moment of inertia (MOI--the club's force at impact and it's ability to resist twisting on off-center hits) for added forgiveness. The Bazooka Iron-Wood's larger more forgiving club head makes it an ideal iron replacement. The oversized top line and larger wood-like body inspire confidence on both short and long approach shots. With the Bazooka Iron-Wood, it has never been easier to hit higher longer shots that stop quickly on the green. The hollow clubhead creates a natural perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness on off-center hits.

Taylormade Rescue MID
Taylor Made engineers created the Rescue Mid, a breakthrough utility club designed to be easy-to-hit while delivering long-iron distance. The Rescue MID unites a high MOI with a low CG allowing the club to be extremely forgiving on off-center hits, while producing high-arching shots when struck solidly. The Double crown design enhances the structural integrity of the clubhead, minimizing head-distortion at impact so that maximum energy is transmitted to the ball. In fact, Taylormade claims that the Rescue MID is 7 yards longer than the long-iron counterpart. Available in 16, 19, 22 & 25 degree lofts.
$175 •

Ben Hogan Edge CFT Hybrid
These hybrid iron-woods are a departure for a company that has always prided itself on traditional appearance and performance, and the golfer will be glad the Hogan clubs have stepped out of the box. Designed to replace the long irons, the CFT iron-woods have a low CG to help get shots airborne along with a compression-forged titanium face for enhanced forgiveness. The iron-woods feature longer lengths than traditional long irons for added distance, however the length is shorter than traditional fairway woods for added accuracy. These ironwoods have a trailing edge sole relief design for extra versatility and playability.
$120 •

Sonartec MD Transition Club
After tremendous success in the fairway wood category, Sonartec has introduced a hybrid club, the versatile MD Transition Club which is designed to replace the 1, 2, 3 and 4 irons. The versatility comes from the performance of the MD, which allows you to drive the ball with a penetrating ball flight off the tee, yet land softly on the green from clean fairway lies and on long par 3's. The MD is designed to give the confidence and control that has never been experienced with long irons. The high-end custom UST iRoD shaft, specifically designed for Transition Clubs, was developed by Sonartec and UST to maximize the performance of the MD.
$199 •

Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood
Nickent's proprietary 3-D Weighting System® works by moving weight in three directions - lower, deeper (back from the clubface) and more towards the heel of each clubhead. This back-weighted design produces a center-of-gravity that closely matches the CG of a lofted fairway wood. By positioning more mass in the visible weight pads at the rear of the clubhead, each individual 3DX iron is fine-tuned to provide optimal launch angle and trajectory for its specific loft. The unique construction of the 3DX irons makes them more resistant to twisting on off-center hits. The back-weighted design shifts the rotational center of each clubhead, making 3DX irons extremely stable and solid throughout the set. This will benefit the accomplished golfer and game-improver alike. Available in 17, 20, 23, 26 & 29 degree lofts.
$109 •