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By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 06/28/2010

It’s hard to imagine anybody reaching his or her dream without perseverance—the ability to accept setbacks, but not allowing them to become permanent obstacles. It’s an integral part of developing a winning attitude in life—quitting cannot be an option!

Perseverance is the tool that helps us brush off failures, and helps us regard the inevitable frustrations in life as a healthy part of growth, a propellant that makes us stronger so that we can move forward. Without perseverance, we become quitters—people who assume that our dreams must have been too lofty. This is nonsense! People who have learned the value of perseverance are those who can remove the word “problem” from their vocabulary and replace it with the word “challenge.”

We sometimes hear about people who get “lucky breaks” in life. But what I’ve found out is that a lot of those lucky breaks go to the people who have persevered the longest. For instance, when a middle-aged actor suddenly becomes a box-office sensation, we tend to think of it as a case of a guy getting a lucky break by landing the right role in the right movie. But if you dig a little deeper, you often find that the actor is someone who refused to give up, playing lesser roles for the first two decades of his career while always looking for, and preparing for, his big opportunity.

The guy who got the so-called lucky break never did stop. He made it through the lean years with his dream intact. So when he was plucked from obscurity at a time in life when his hair was turning gray, it wasn’t a case of dumb luck as much as it was a testament to the value and power of perseverance.

Perseverance pays off with the big dreams in our lives. But it must be a constant way of life, a day-to-day mode of operation for all the small decisions we face every day. The little habits we establish can make or break us when the big decisions of our life come along. If you quickly give up on overcoming a small obstacle, you’ll probably give up as quickly when a bigger obstacle comes along that stands between you and a bigger dream. Conversely, if you react with perseverance and positive thought to the little challenges in life, it’s bound to influence the way you will act when there’s more at stake. Practice it, and perseverance will reward you when  the stakes are highest. 

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