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2010 Father's Day Gift Guide
By Tom Landers | Published  06/14/2010 | Gear Up and Accessories | Unrated
2010 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

The new Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer measures a golfer’s actual tempo time from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the swing speed of the clubhead as it approaches the ball, providing unmatched utility in a single, affordable device. The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer can be used by golfers of all ages and skill levels to optimize their swing mechanics for distance, control and accuracy. The SSRTT is used at all Jim McLean Golf Schools. Price: $149.95



So, you bought a $200 putter with a head that looks like a UFO hoping that it would improve your putting stroke. Have you broken 90 any more frequently? It’s time to put the innovative shape of the USGA conforming Macro putter grip in your hands and actually get a stroke that consistently stays square to the line to the target, straight back and through the ball.
Macro Golf innovation …. Playing better outside the box.

This rubber-spiked, slip-on over shoe easily converts any casual or athletic shoe into a golf shoe. With superior traction, the lightweight Golf Grapplers provide a convenient and affordable alternative for golf enthusiasts of any level. They are great for travel, as golfers need not struggle with finding space for golf shoes in a suitcase or suffer through playing in uncomfortable golf shoes.
$24.95 •
301-983-3637 • Kent Keith, PGA •

The Kure
The Kure is the fastest growing putting aid used by tour professionals today, and the only training device that literally retrains your eyes and brain on how to execute a successful putt. Guaranteed to take six strokes off his game, the Kure will make golf more fun for Dad. It’s easy to use, portable, useable indoors or out, for all skill levels, and is compatible with any putter.
ORDER TODAY! 4 easy payments of only $49.99 406-7187

Stack & Tilt

Want to get your dad golf lessons without paying a small fortune? Now you can with the GetStacked DVD Series! Developed after 20 years of research by swing teachers Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. Imagine having the inventors of the Stack & Tilt show you how to master the hottest swing on tour today! Get dad a new swing this year for just $19.95 risk free trial!

Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS
Sonocaddie V500 combines the best of all GPS features with no downloading and no annual fees. The extra-large, sunlight viewable touch-screen shows precise distances to hazards, plus front, center, and back of green. Pre-loaded with full color layouts of almost every U.S. course, satellite images and flyovers are available with optional packages. “Touch-point” technology lets you see the distance from you to any spot, and also the yardage remaining from that spot to the green.

Give Dad a Champion Membership to GolfLogix, the #1 App for Golf. GolfLogix turns the bestselling smartphones into the ultimate GPS range finder. Get accurate distances to the greens and major hazards on more than 25,000 golf courses worldwide, keep score and track stats like the pros on a personalized website at GolfLogix even offers aerial views of each hole and 4-player scoring on some smartphone models; all this for just $39.95 annually. Visit and download a free trial today..
$39.95 annually


The TOUR STRIKER training club’s revolutionary design has the loft and swingweight of an 8-iron, but no grooves below the sweet spot. The TOUR STRIKER will actually train you to hit down on the golf ball with forward shaft lean and give you Tour quality impact position.

Play Nine
Play Nine® is the new card game of golf designed for two to six players, ages 8 to adult. The object is to shoot the lowest score, and after nine holes, the lowest score wins. Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy Play Nine. The combination of strategy and luck-of-the-draw keeps the fun and challenge going down to the last hole. Play Nine is easy to learn and fun to play.

Simple, fast, accurate, and best of all, affordable, the Swami is everything a golfer needs in a compact GPS unit. Featuring Insta-lok Technology, the Swami delivers lightning-quick accuracy to the front, center, and back of the green for over 14,000 U.S. and Canadian courses. It provides a large easy-to-read display and a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts three-plus rounds on one charge.
Price: $99.99 and $9.99 to activate 777-7899

Wedgewood Hybrid Game Enhancement

The Wedgewood patented hybrid design combines the most sought after characteristics of traditional irons and woods into a single design. Offering eleven different lofts from 2-iron through sand wedge, the Wedgewood will produce more power, a straighter line, a higher ball flight, and added backspin. From the fairway, off the tee, in the rough or sand the Wedgewood will give you confidence to hit with accuracy and power.
Original Series 38-degree Wedgewood ($39.99) 888-833-7371

The Hexcaliber
The Hexcaliber is a golf ball compression testing and sizing device that provides information about your golf balls, including those that have been retrieved from ponds, brush, as well as recycled balls. Understanding your equipment is a major factor. Most companies suggest club’s fitting for optimal use of woods and irons. Hexcaliber will provide and understanding about your golf balls, such as their hardness, moderate feel, and soft feel characteristics.
Special price of $149.99 + tax and shipping is free.

V1 Golf IPhone App
The new V1 Golf iPhone application brought to you by the makers of V1 Pro, the number one video analysis software in golf. V1 Golf is the only iPhone app that allows you to record and compare your golf swing side-by-side to a library of top Tour pros. Includes personalized online locker, suite of drawing tools, video drills and much more. Available on iTunes and App store.
Price: $9.99

Aqua Caddie Club Brush
As seen on TV, the Aqua Caddy is the hottest new accessory for golf enthusiasts of all levels of ability. The compact, portable Aqua Caddy was designed to hold water for cleaning irons, hybrids and most fairway woods. Its brushes and agitating mesh cleans clubs with ease immediately after a shot giving you the best club to ball contact. The Aqua Caddy can also help prolong the life of your valuable clubs.
Price : $19.99

The Patented Putting Arc
The patented Putting Arc is based on the 2,200-year-old elliptical math formulas of Apollonius of Perga, and users have employed the math to record over 850 pro wins since it was introduced in 2003. It is the only training aid in the world with 150 pro wins and two Majors last year. If the Putting Arc helps the pros putt even better, just imagine what it will for the amateur golfer who wants to quickly improve his or her putting. Available in three models to fit any pocketbook.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine
Six Plane Model, dictates the PATH, FACE ANGLE, and PENDULUM SWING during a putting stroke. This is the putting trainer you have seen on PGA Tour telecasts! The Perfect Putting Machine is adjustable between Square-to-Square and FIVE ARC strokes. In addition, the system allows the user to practice a consistent stance, ball position and rhythm. The Perfect Putting Machine’s patented design allows the user to find the putting stroke that is right for them and practice it consistently. The Perfect Putting Machine works great indoors or outdoors on a putting green and the user can actually stroke putts using their own putter. The Perfect Putting Machine has been purchased by more than 60 players on the PGA Tour. Optional accessories include a canvas carry bag and an alignment laser.
(208) 342-4514

Pivot Pro, U.S. Patent Approved and recipient of PGA “New Training” Award and endorsed by Jim McLean, a world renowned golf instructor, PivotPro is specifically designed to promote correct pivoting in the golf swing. The PivotPro maximizes coil and rotation for efficient power, prevents an over swing and arching of the spine at the top, forces your hands to get in the correct “slot” at the top, and fixes swaying and reverse pivot.
Price: $69.99

ProPlay Golf Performance System
Capture and analyze your game anywhere with the high-tech, one-touch, pocket-sized ProPlay. This easy-to-use, portable, high-resolution video system enhances the quality of any practice session. ProPlay has a variable speed, real-time, frame-by-frame playback, and its Global Shutter provides distortion-free videos. Easily import, edit and e-mail video files. ProPlay ships complete with video camera, full-featured Scratch Swing Analysis Software, mini-tripod, soft travel pouch, charger and cables, packaged in a hard carrying case.
Price: $449.

Chill Out With Cool-it Caddy™
Introducing Cool-it Caddy™ for men. This handsome bag features top opening access with zippered closure, fully insulated interior, and our patent pending integrated coolant system. Just pop the Cool-it Caddy ™ into your freezer overnight and you are ready for the next day’s warm weather outing. Perfect to keep his snacks, medications, lip balm and sunscreens cool while playing sports or at the game. Small enough to fit into his golf bag, tennis bag, or backpack. On the course, on the boat, or on the go………Cool-it Caddy™. $29.95
480 621-5756

The Easy Bag
The Eazy Bag from LT Golf is specifically designed to accommodate women, seniors and golf cart users. Clubs are placed and removed from the front of the bag without the need for lifting. Wheels and a handle make transporting the bag easy. A rubber club holder secures shafts to prevent clubheads from touching. Light and attractive, the Eazy Bag should be your next choice in a cart bag.
Price: $199.95

almostGOLF Play Anywhere Pack
Give this year’s number one dad his own golf course for Father’s Day. The almostGOLF Play Anywhere Pack features the top off-course golf ball with safety unmatched. Create games, drills or a mini-course in the yard, beach or anywhere dad wants to play. He can improve his short game or have some fun with the kids. The pack includes two 36-inch inflatable targets designed to catch accurate shots, two detachable flagsticks, a carry bag to conveniently store all of the components, and 10 almostGOLF balls.
Price: $49.95

Spotless SwingTM Golf Towel
The Spotless Swing Golf Towel functions as three golf towels in one; the outside keeps the hands, face, gloves and grips clean and dry; the inside protects and preserves golf clubs by removing dirt, mud and water; and a revolutionary MicroBrush fabric cleans club grooves effortlessly preparing the club for its next use.
Price: $19.95

Tour Sticks
The hottest training aid on the market today! Tour Sticks will help golfers of all ages and playing abilities improve their game from tee to green. Tour Sticks are a portable, multifunctional training tool used for alignment, ball position and so much more. Such is the versatility and value of this product, they can be seen in the bags of the world leading tour professionals and instructors.
Available in adult and junior lengths.
Price: $14.95

Axis 1 Golf
The Axis1 Eagle’s patented innovation shifts the heel weight forward of the striking face, and places the center of gravity of the club exactly on the sweet spot of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft at the same time. This unique balance eliminates a putter’s tendency to open up, resulting in more on-line putts and lower scores.

The Pelz Wedge Collection from Bobby Jones Golf
Why spend money on cheaper wedges that will wear out in one season? After next year, you will not be able to find square groove wedges on the market, and your inexpensive wedge will be costing you strokes and your pro shop will only be carrying low spin V-grooves. Only the Pelz Wedge Collection from Bobby Jones Golf will deliver years of high-spin performance. They are the best investment you can make in your dad’s short game for years to come. $120 each.