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By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 06/7/2010

The Shattuck Golf Club, a beautiful tiger of a course located in Jaffrey, N.H., had a tough time of it in 2009.
Damaged severely by a ravaging ice storm that hit the area in the winter of 2008-09, the layout suffered, with several hundred trees felled and 14 of 18 greens injured and needing re-seeding.
“It really was tough year,” says Kevin Osgood, president of Sterling Golf Management, which oversees the club. “We had layers of ice on the course and we had to re-seed some greens three times. We got them back by September but by then people had been upset about the conditions and we lost quite a few players.”
The course has healed nicely and the mild water of 2009-10 helped bring the layout back to mint condition.
“We’re working to get the players back who we lost last year,” says Osgood. “Members are saying that the course is in the best shape they have seen in years. We are getting the word out and bringing those golfers who left back into the fold.”
To that end, the club is offering an unheard of deal. On Mondays through June, players get free golf, only having to pay for the use of a cart.
“We felt we had to do something dramatic to get our customers back onto the course and see how good it is,” says Osgood. “We were only going to waive greens fees on Mondays through Memorial Day. But the reaction has been so good that we are seeing repeat play from people who took advantage of the special. So, we felt that we would keep it going another month to build for our peak season, which is July to October.”
Shattuck has earned a reputation as one of the sternest tests of golfing ability in the country. The layout was carved out of granite, rock and mature woodlands and demands a thoughtful approach to every shot on every hole.
“You just can’t pull driver out of the bag and hit away,” says Osgood. “It’s target golf and you have to think out every shot, use the yardage guide, and hit to spots.”
The Shattuck Golf Club
Jaffrey, NH