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Business Is Buzzing at Golfer's Warehouse
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 06/7/2010

Business Is Buzzing at Golfer's Warehouse

Despite being sold to  a California-based
company, World Wide Golf Enterprises, The Golfer’s Warehouse locations in New England are continuing to provide their customers with the attention-to-details service that made the retailer a name brand in the area.
The flagship Golfer’s Warehouse store in Hartford, Ct. and outlets in the Boston area (three stores) and in Cranston, R.I. are
operating at full steam, and company officials are committed to the long-term future of the stores, says Mike Britt, eastern regional
manager for The Golfer’s Warehouse/World Wide Golf Shops.
“We have come under the umbrella of World Wide Golf, which also has Roger Dunn, Van’s Golf Shops and The Golf Mart in its portfolio. We now have locations in California, Hawaii and Arizona in addition to New England.”
He says that in the long run, consumers will benefit from the acquisition.
“Because we are now with a firm that has a number of stores, we have more buying power when we sit down with vendors and that will benefit our customers. So much of the golf equipment market is fairly tightly wrapped as far as pricing and marketing, so you won’t see a huge movement pricewise. But having the added pop when it comes to negotiating with vendors is a plus for us and our customers.”
Golfer’s Warehouse locations have become famous for the scope of their inventory, their staff’s helpful and knowledgeable service, and interactive displays, where customers can feel at ease trying out equipment or browsing through the newest apparel and other         golf-related items.

“You have to be so much more than a place that sells equipment these days,” says Britt. “That’s why we custom fit and repair clubs and offer lessons at our stores.”
He mentioned with pride the Golfer’s Warehouse 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee exchange policy and cited it as a major factor in continued consumer approval ratings. It’s pretty simply: If for any reason the buyer is not completely satisfied with a product that is purchased from Golfer’s Warehouse within a 90-day time period, the customer can return the equipment for a replacement or full store credit.
“We have all purchased equipment that we thought was right for us, but after using it for awhile we changed our minds and wanted to return it,” says Britt. “We used to allow people to demo our equipment before they purchased. But we feel the 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee is much more helpful to the customer. When you purchase a $400 driver, it’s comforting to know if it turns out that it isn’t
working for you (and you get to play with the club a lot
during 90 days!), you can come back and get an exchange or store credit. We believe this is a much better way to approach the matter and more helpful to the customer.”
Britt says the five Golfer’s Warehouse New England outlets remain viable and, indeed, robust, especially considering the state of the economy and somewhat flat golf equipment marketplace.
“From an expansion standpoint, Worldwide wants to get a full year under their belts before they consider it. But the company is always looking for opportunities to expand its reach.”
Britt believes consumers will continue to be attracted to The Golfer’s Warehouse because the stores are enjoyable places, where one can shop and revel in the world of golf.
“We want people to have fun when they come in, grab a putter and try it out on the practice green, and get onto launch monitors and see how their golf ball reacts when hit.”
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