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Celtic Golf: Makes Irish Dreams Come True
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 06/7/2010

Celtic Golf: Makes Irish Dreams Come True

Like a string of emeralds on a necklace, the golf courses of the magical island of Ireland beckon Americans to cross the Atlantic and enjoy a remarkably full sporting and cultural experience.
Jerry Quinlin, CEO and co-founder of Celtic Golf, has been making dreams come true for 21 years, custom designing golf tours of Ireland that has kept customers coming back for more through two decades.
“I haven’t met one person in 21 years of doing this who has gone to Ireland and not had a great time or not have had the trip touch them in some way,” he says. “Ireland has 40 percent of the world’s true links courses and they ring the country. Outside of the golf and magnificent scenery, the people are wonderfully welcoming with a culture that is unique. There’s always that black stuff (Guinness) that comes in a pint, and when you combine everything with dining and listening to Irish and Celtic music it makes for a total package.”
Celtic Golf’s strength is its innate knowledge of and close working relationships with those individuals who manage the courses, and run the motor coaches, hotels and eateries.
“We know the caddy
masters and the caddies themselves,” says Quinlin. “We have developed professional relationships with so many people over the years that we can make it very easy on our customers to enjoy themselves. Really, if people consider doing trips like those we put together on their own they are setting themselves up for bogey or double bogey.”
Quinlin and his staff pride themselves on detailed attention to each and every client. That’s why travelers ranging from club pros taking their members on a special holiday to collegiate golf teams and couples planning once in-a-lifetime getaways have relied on Celtic Golf to facilitate those plans.
“We concentrate on one great golf vacation at a time and we custom design each trip so that it fits perfectly with each customer. We have access to every course in Ireland.”
Quinlin says that because of the increased value of the American dollar against the Euro, this is a fabulous time to visit the island. Prime season is May through September with discounts offered during April and October.
For further information about Celtic Golf, visit or call 800-535-6148.