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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  Hot Driver Shafts for 2010
Hot Driver Shafts for 2010
By John Torsiello | Published  06/4/2010 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
Hot Driver Shafts for 2010
If you are in the market for a new driver, why not experiment with one of these new shafts offerings as well, and add some horsepower to your drives?

This stable, low-torque super-light weight golf shaft is designed specifically to enhance performance of today’s new generation of stronger players and larger clubheads. The driver shafts utilize a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber that allows more high-modulus fibers to be incorporated into specific fiber angles including the hoop wound (90°) surface layer which minimizes shaft distortion for superior stability. The Claymore is available in a variety of weights and flexes to benefit all golfers. $99

The Motore Speeder features a 7 PLY cross axis design. The Fujikura 7 Axis technology (a special 3 axis design layered with a special 4 axis weave) minimizes energy loss and creates a shaft with little to no rounding during flex. The shaft produces minimal twisting for accuracy in addition to distance. The Motore Speeder is designed for low spin, high ball speeds and mid to high launch for maximum carry and run out. Available in 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80g weight ranges with various flexes and bend profiles. $300

Crafted with eight different premium composite materials, the all-new Project X shafts deliver superior cross-sectional stability and maintain the designed performance characteristics throughout the swing for consistent shot patterns. The shaft features a tip section reinforced by two additional wraps of carbon fiber, which minimize lag and reduce spin. The stiff butt, soft mid-section combine with the double reinforced tip section to maintain a strong angle of attack and greatly reduce spin, even in higher loft drivers. $350

RIP is Aldila’s new shaft technology that provides a lower torque, increased tip stability and better tip stiffness control providing the better player a stable shaft. This is built for stability, reduced spin rate and an optimal trajectory. RIP Technology completely changes the way a shaft is typically designed by transferring patterns and innovative materials throughout a patent-pending shaft design. $249

For the player who desires an active bend profile, that delivers high launch, less spin and a penetrating ball flight. Diamana ‘ilima incorporates MDI Technology into a new shaft design. Diamana ‘ilima features an active, low torque tip section, with a stiff mid section and moderate butt-section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing while delivering a high launch angle and penetrating ball flight with low spin. $400

The Fubuki features a Modulus Differential Technology (MDT), the technical component behind the shaft. MDT incorporates a revolutionary state of the art design consisting of high modulus material combined with specialized, responsive, pitch based fiber in and above the tip section. The shaft is classified as a mid to high kick point shaft with a somewhat generous Torque rating. MDT offers a significant reduction in golf shaft deformation and lag. This allows for consistent spin reduction along with a more repeatable dynamic launch angle.

The Devotion Series offers various shaft weights ranging from 43 grams to 84 grams. High quality graphite is utilized throughout shaft construction that creates firm butt, mid and tip sections and provides inherent stability throughout the shaft load sequence.
 The design pattern remains consistent throughout the Devotion Series, while kick points and torques vary depending on the weight class.
 Devotion 6,7,8 is Mid Launch. Low Spin, while the Devotion 4, 5 is High Launch. High Spin. $250

The Revenge Series was designed with a moderately softer tip and butt section while maintaining a stiffer mid-section. This stable, yet responsive shaft is best suited for the golfer with a smooth consistent swing and a softer shaft load. Complex design infuses High Modulus graphite material through all sections of the shaft construction ensuring a consistent, repeatable bend profile.
 Mid to High Launch with Low-Mid Spin with a flatter angle of descent. $250