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GolfLogix Invites You to Join the Smartphone Club
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 06/4/2010

GolfLogix Invites You to Join the Club
Join the Club and see why golfers are improving their games worldwide.  GolfLogix launched its smartphone application in 2009 and is now considered the #1 app for golf.  Champion Members are enjoying the benefit of GPS distances on the course and getting an in depth look at their games on personalized websites off the course. FREE Club Members get access to pro-level stats, scoring and a personalized website.  All members have access to more than 25,000 golf course maps worldwide and receive ongoing software upgrades and new feature releases.  The application even allows golfers to switch to new compatible phones as needed.

As with all of GolfLogix’ products, the application is easy to use and simple to install.  Golfers simply download the application to their smartphones at  You can download it right on the course and start using the application immediately.  start tracking pro-level stats with ease and keeping score for up to 4 players with certain model phones. But that’s not all.  From a personal computer, golfers can analyze their rounds and view cumulative averages such as greens in regulation, fairways hit, putting outcomes, sand saves, scrambling percentages and more all on a personalized website hosted at  Not interested in tracking all the stats, GolfLogix allows you to customize the app to match your game. With GolfLogix, it’s like having a caddie on the course and a pro analyzing your game after every round.
GolfLogix conveniently offers two levels of membership to meet the needs of all golfers from the novice to the pro.  To get started, GolfLogix offers a free trial of its Champion Membership.  The Champion Membership takes advantage of GolfLogix’ advanced GPS distances and precise distance tracking data.  In addition to distances to the greens and major hazards, golfers are able to view an interactive aerial image and touch anywhere on the screen to see a landing point.  Plus, they get specific distance information to any point on the zoomed-in green image. After the 24-hour trial period, golfers are invited to become a Champion Member for only $39.95 per year.  If golfers don’t elect to sign up for the Champion Membership they can continue to use the scoring and stat-tracking features, view the aerial imagery, and enjoy a Free GolfLogix Lifetime Club Membership.
 Today GolfLogix is available on popular BlackBerry models, Apple iPhones, DROID HTC phones and others. New phones are being added every month.  For a complete listing of compatible phones or to request a phone, visit  You owe it to your game to look into GolfLogix this season.