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A Conversation With Brad Faxon
By John Torsiello | Published  04/30/2010 | Player Profiles , Northeast | Unrated
A Conversation With Brad Faxon

Brad Faxon has been a very busy man of late. Not only is he continuing to maintain a schedule as a member of the PGA Tour, the 48-year-old has emerged as one of the fresh, new voices on NBC’s golf coverage. Golfing Magazine caught up with the eight-time Tour winner from Rhode Island after he and his family arrived home from a four-month stay on the West Coast and Florida.
                        -John Torsiello

GM: How have your last several months been?
BF: Great. My wife and I took our eight-year-old daughter out of school and home-schooled her while we were in California and Florida. I got tired of being in Hawaii to start the year and asking my wife how the weather was back in Rhode Island. We had a wonderful time and I understand we missed some terrible weather this past winter.

GM: How is the gig with NBC going?

BF: I’ve enjoyed it. It is very challenging but rewarding and the comments have been good so far. Tommy Roy and Tommy Randolph, our producers, have been constructive and supportive and we have a great team. They have allowed me the flexibility to play almost a full schedule on Tour while doing seven events with them.

GM: Is it difficult to juggle both careers?
BF: Well, it has been probably the busiest I have ever been. There is a lot of work that goes in broadcasting. A lot of homework you have to do, and the schedule is similar to what you would do if you were playing in an event.

GM: What has NBC told you about your work as a commentator?
BF: People ask me what my style is and how do I fit in. I think NBC wanted to have someone more current and they plan on using me a lot for the short game and putting. They told me they like my energy and asked me to not talk so fast. Their philosophy is for the commentators to be themselves, be like seven or eight guys sitting in a living room watching a golf tournament and talking among themselves.

GM: How has working with Johnny Miller been?
BF: Super. I haven’t had a lot of on air interaction with him yet because I have only done two events and he works just the weekends. He has a reputation as a controversial guy who speaks his mind and that’s why he is so popular among fans. He is a very prepared and hard worker. I’ve been told that if I disagree with him to say so on the air.

GM: What does your playing  schedule look like?
BF: I’ll play three times in a row in April. I’m not scheduled to play in The Players Championship unless I win or get into the top 30 in FedEx points before the tournament.

GM: How is the game?
BF: I still believe I can contend and be among the leaders on any given week. I’ve battled some injuries in recent years and they were horrible and hard to deal with. But I’m feeling much better now. My game has been erratic but I feel like it is getting closer and closer to being there every week.

GM: There’s still a lot of golf left in you?
BF: Yes. I’m almost 50 and the Champions Tour isn’t far away. I guess it would be a nice thing to have NBC eventually tell me that they want me on more events. But I never want to see my career as a golfer end.

GM: Will you try and qualify for the U.S Open at Pebble Beach this year?
BF: Definitely. I’m scheduled to be in the booth for the Open and it would be nice to have to do both that week.

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