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John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 04/30/2010 Gets Golfers on to Courses With No Hassle gets golfers onto the courses they want to play efficiently and quickly.
“We have one million golfers nationwide,” says Jonathan Vassil, director, regional sales for the Web site, “and over one third of golfers play more because of us. They also play, on average, a dozen more rounds because of”
Created to help courses communicate with golfers more effectively and in real time, allows courses to offer a wide selection of tee times to golfers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
“Many courses need an enhanced online presence where golfers prefer to shop these days,” says Vassil. “We found that golfers who play public courses like variety and would find a multiple course Web site like Golfnow helpful. stands apart because of our selection. We have 2,000 participating courses in over 50 markets.”
He also cited the Web site’s ease of use and updated golf specials as reasons that stands apart.
“Over the last decade, our developers have made tremendous efforts to ensure that the user experience and reservation processes are simple and enjoyable. And, in some instances, golfers can take advantage of pricing specials offered by our participating courses.”

Golf Channel powers and is committed to further improving the Web site and offering a variety of online services to the recreational player that help grow the game of golf, says Vassil.
He adds that golfers enjoy the conveniences that offers and can book tee times “with confidence and safety.”
The Web site will continue to be enhanced in the coming months in order to improve the user experience, and to allow for greater customer feedback and review opportunities.’s Web site allows users to view a map to see where courses are located and then to access specific information about each, including available tee times. The site also offers such extra features as a Destination Spotlight, Golf News and Courses, a blog, and gives visitors the opportunity to sign up for an e-mail club, which allows golfers to be kept abreast of specials and other pertinent information.
“We have the richest selection of courses and tee times on the Web,” says Vassil, when asked why has been so successful. “Having Golf Channel--golf’s most trusted source--power the site is another major advantage we have.
“Additionally, provides customized marketing services that promote golf courses to three million monthly web visitors. delivers additional rounds and revenue to golf courses without any out of pocket expense. There is no contract, commitment and the golf course controls all pricing and tee time availability. The 2,000 golf courses we have nationwide generated four million rounds of golf and $150 million dollars of green and cart fee revenue in 2009.”