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Itís Time for You to Get Fit, for Golf Clubs, that isís-Time-for-You-to-Get-Fit,-for-Golf-Clubs,-that-is/Page1.html
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 04/28/2010

Itís Time for You to Get Fit, for Golf Clubs, that is
Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean latching onto the latest diet fad or training for a triathlon. It can also pertain to visiting your local PGA club pro or a fitting lab to have clubs tailored especially for your game.
There’s an age-old misconception among golfers that says custom fitting is only for accomplished players. But everyone, from the novice to the scratch golfer, can benefit from a set of clubs that meets the perfect loft, lie, length, kick point, swing speed and even grip of the individual.

Consumers are starting to get the message. While industry studies have shown that almost have of people playing golf have never been fit for clubs, more than 50 percent of those visiting instructional centers last year were fit, almost a 25 percent increase over the previous year.
The benefits of club fitting should be obvious. Would you walk out of a store without first trying on an expensive dress suit or evening gown? Of course not. So why would you plunk down five to a thousand dollars or more for a new set of clubs without first trying them on for size?
Most green grass golf stores offer custom fitting by trained professionals. And several major equipment companies have recently developed high-tech fitting centers that fine tune the process even further.
Start the new season off right by getting fit, for clubs, that is.