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Feel Golf Lives Up to Its Name
By John Torsiello | Published  04/1/2010 | Company Profiles | Unrated
Feel Golf Lives Up to Its Name
In golf, it’s all about feel on and around the greens. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to find that one of the most popular lines of wedges is being made   by a company named Feel Golf.

The brainchild of Dr. Lee Miller, an engineering PhD, PGA member and highly respected club maker, Feel Golf Company, Inc., is a small public company (OTCBB: “FEEL”) based near Monterey, Ca. It’s the only known golf company majority owned and operated by PGA members, ex-players, and with each club that leaves the factory being assembled and backed by PGA Professionals.

Twenty years ago Tour players liked the feel of the company’s products so much that they gave it its name.

As Dr. Miller tells it, “Not long after our first prototype wedge appeared on the tee line in 1987, a Tour official said to several players, ‘These clubs must have a name on them or they will not be conforming.’ The players stood around after the official left, looked at each and one Tour player said, ‘Well, since they feel so good let’s name the wedges ‘Feel,’ and that’s how the company’s name was born.”

The secrets of Feel Golf’s clubs can be credited to Dr. Miller (aka “Dr. Feel”). He has extensive experience on the PGA and Senior tours, was a Master Club Fitter on the Tour, as well as an expert wedge instructor, and has years of metallurgy experience as an engineer. Feel Golf’s first line of game-improving wedges instantly became popular among Tour players and amateur players alike.

Feel Golf has consistently designed and manufactured revolutionary golf clubs and grips that have become well known among Tour players worldwide, along with discerning amateurs and independent equipment testers.

New this year are the “Lee Miller” Signature Series wedge lines with the following lofts available: 46°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°, and 73°.  These exciting new wedges have the same incredible feel as Feel’s previous wedge lines, and conform to the new 2010 grooves rules by the USGA and R&A.

 “To offset the loss in ball spin and control by the new conforming grooves, we’ve added CNC Micro Milled Face Lines to 100 percent of the club face,” states Miller. “The micro grooves are conforming and help provide additional “ball to face” friction, thereby increasing spin and control that was intended to be lost with the new groove ruling.”
Back in 2005, Feel Golf introduced a revolutionary, reverse taper golf that was named “Top Discovery” at the International PGA Show in Orlando, Fl. and was awarded many additional accolades thereafter. PubLinks Magazine’s equipment editor was quoted on the grip: “The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years!”

The multiple patented Full Release Performance Grip promotes the correct golf grip in the fingers of the hand and does not allow the grip to roll up into the palm. When the grip or any object is cradled in the palm, this immediately causes power restrictions and loss of accuracy.

The Full Release allows a golfer to fully release the club just like a Tour player and thereby provides maximum club speed at impact, creating greater distance and accuracy over traditional taper golf grips. Independent testing verifies the results and in the years following the launch of this grip customer satisfaction averages 88 percent of claims made.

The Full Release Performance Grips are the number one reverse taper golf grip in the world and are available in major U.S. golfing retailers and in over 30 countries worldwide.

Other popular Feel Golf products have been the company’s Dart Thrower wedge line and the 73° wedge.  Another industry first, the 73° eliminates many of the short game challenges for amateurs. Number one, no more open stances...just aim directly at the pin; number two, no more open faces – not with 73° of loft!; and number three, no more half or quarter golf swings that often lead to miss hits and additional strokes. The 73° was designed to allow golfers to use their regular full swing, which is their most repeatable swing. Distance is simply controlled by ball position; place the ball towards the back foot for maximum yards and towards the front foot for the Tour-like flop shots. The 73°’s state-of-the-art design elements allow for incredible shot-making getting close to the pin for the “let’s make this birdie” one putt and, of course, lower scores. Great for amateurs and professionals alike, for accurate shot making around small and/or the rock hard USGA type greens where the grain is running away, or being short sided or in a deep bunker or tight lie, this specialty club can do it all!

 “The past successes we have had on Tour has been similar to other major golf brands like Titleist and Cleveland as far as the usage of our clubs, and those companies pay Tour players to use their products,” says Miller. “We have been able to grow our business by word of mouth on both the professional Tours and among amateurs, and we believe that says a lot about the quality and feel of our products over the last 20 years.”