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Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 01/5/2010

The Reefs Club
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On the Reefs Club brochure, there is a saying from Mark Twain, “Bermuda was like being in Heaven.” The Reverend rebuking and rather pointedly advised him to make the most of it then.”
But then wasn’t it Twain who referred to golf as a “good walk spoiled?”

  There aren’t many islands left on the planet quite like it. Here pink is a macho color, shorts are worn with jackets and ties to the office and cricket is a   national passion not a goofy bug.

  Warm turquoise waters wash up onto coral-tinged sand cove beaches; a semi-tropical climate allows you to play golf year-round; and traffic moves at the astounding speed of 23 mph. Bougainvillea tumbles over limestone walls flanking winding seacoast roads and precious candy-colored cottages are tucked into hillside.  For golfers, it gets even better with more courses than any other country for its size in the world.

  At The Reefs, every room and suite has a balcony and view of the sea. Many of the beds face out so you wake-up to a view of sun, sand and sea. There are just 65 rooms and one-bedroom cottages perched  along the crest of a limestone cliff while the long pink-tinged beach, one of the best in Bermuda,  stretches out below. The three Point Suites with drop-dead views of the water and crashing waves below and get this. a private hot tub on the balcony.

  Think infinity pools, outdoor Jacuzzis and massages at La Serena spa.  Three very different
  restaurants range from the casual open-air beachside Coconuts to the more elegant Ocean Echo and the dinner-club style Royston’s. Rates are from $369 per room including breakfast and dinner.

Note: The new Reefs Club adjacent to the hotel, is now selling fractional shares in 19 stunning two and three bedroom   villas, all furnished with top-of-the-line   decor and