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Rosen Shingle Creek Resort & Golf Club
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 01/2/2010

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort & Golf Club

Finding a golf course in Orlando is about as tough as finding a Starbucks in Manhattan; in other words; you could hit 3-wood from just about any street corner and bounce the ball into some course’s clubhouse. Even so, many of those golf facilities simply offer a half-day’s worth of relaxation. But if you’re looking less for the average round and more for an all-encompassing hospitality experience, then Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando is the place to go.

Shingle Creek is home to world-class playing and practice facilities plus a respected, well-trained staff, meaning that players can expect tournament conditions on a daily basis. The avid golfer will find a challenge here, as the club offers several long par-fours plus sand and water hazards that creep in at certain spots on several holes. So while the namesake meandering creek running through the middle of the course is pretty and serene, it’s a bit more menacing when your ball flirts with the creek’s edges. So plan your attack route off each tee accordingly.

Then again, with several forward tee boxes and clever routing to each green, Shingle Creek also offers beginners an enjoyable golf experience. And for anyone looking to fine-tune his or her swing before or after a round—or before or after a business meeting at the adjacent resort—the Brad Brewer Golf Academy is located right on site, offering personal instruction with the Golf Channel’s head instructor, Brad Brewer.
Speaking of the resort, the 1,500-room Rosen Shingle Creek is just a few years old, and has set the standard for business-related groups coming to Orlando—it boasts more than half a million square feet of conference space. And for families, the resort’s upscale atmosphere, combined with a huge pool and close proximity to Universal Studios and its theme parks, makes for a perfect vacation. Visit to learn more about this ideal spot for business and relaxation.