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HANDS ON -Shoes, Gloves & Apparel
By Tom Landers | Published  12/29/2009 | Play Testing | Unrated
HANDS ON -Shoes, Gloves & Apparel
Untitled Document

Combining Form with Function

When it comes to golf shoes, gloves and apparel it’s all about combining form with function.
  It’s wonderful to have the most ergonomically advanced designs and softest leather that allow you to look and feel great on the course and in the clubhouse. But it’s also vitally important that your golf shoes, gloves and apparel perform optimally to help you maximize your performance.
  Today’s golf shoes are classic examples of combining state-of-the-art ergonomics with great looks. Shoes are designed with insoles and outsoles to provide superior traction in all types of weather conditions and to create a stable platform for the swing. After all, if you’re slipping and sliding during the backswing and follow through because of poorly made or golf inappropriate shoes, you can take all the lessons you want and hit 300 balls a day and your results will still be poor. Golf shoes must create solid contact with the ground and maintain that contact to allow your swing to be true and repeatable.
  Today’s golf shoes come in a variety of colors and patterns, from traditional black, white and gray to sporty multi-toned and striped. Most are equipped with the latest weather resistant materials to provide creature comfort in even the worst conditions.
  Golf gloves have also become ultra high-tech, incorporating features such as materials that wick moisture away from the skin and create airflow around the fingers area for a superior grip, even in rainy conditions. Soft cabretta leather never goes out of style and feels great on your hands. But modern gloves also take advantage of synthetics (sometimes in tandem with leather) to enhance the overall feel and gripping benefits of the glove.
  Perhaps more so than any other item you employ during a round, apparel makes a statement about who you are. There is a rainbow of colors and a multitude of patterns to choose from when it comes to selecting shirts, slacks and outerwear. But don’t get fooled by today’s visually stunning apparel. It also is designed to help you perform the best in all conditions, keeping you comfortable, warm and dry, allowing you to swing free and enjoy your round no what type of day it is.
So, as you will see in the following pages, it really is all about form and function.


adidas’ Tour360 4.0 • $180
Unique Features: The Unibody construction of the Tour 360 4.0 connects the heel counter and 360Wrap technology to the outsole to create the most stable adidas golf shoe ever, says the company.
      A FitFoam polyurethane sock liner provides support, cushioning and comfort from heel to toe. X-Static silver filament fibers woven into the lining helps regulate temperature for optimized comfort, and full-grain leather creates a rich look and feel, as well as superior durability.


    GO LOW! Exclusive ThinTech cleat combines with an ultra-thin cleat attachment system known as performance insert system (PInS). This break-through in performance innovation creates a lower profile platform that reduces the distance between your foot and the course.


ECCO Golf’s Casual Cool II GTX
   • $210
Unique Features: ECCO says its Casual Cool II GTX shoe was “inspired by street fashion and designed for players who want to turn heads with their shoes as well as their games.”
            The Casual Cool II GTX features a “daring” style that offers ECCO’s “Lexi” street leather, textile ribbons and modern rubber detailing in distinctive colors, including lava red and buffed silver.
            The shoes provide the golfer superior shock absorption through a new low-profile, direct-injected midsole and an innovative, “hard wearing” TPU outsole.
    The shoes are fully waterproof via GorTex technology, which makes the Casual Cool II GTX ideal for all playing conditions. Two-colored Champ Stinger 3 cleats with a Q-Lok insert system provide stability from the ground up.


Dri-Tech From Etonic • $95
Unique Features: The company says its new shoe is designed for the player who “prefers unparalled comfort, casual-inspired styling combined with performance enhancing technology.”
The premium waterproof leather upper on the Dri-Tech features a PowerPlay outsole system with inside-out spikes placed for ultimate traction through the swing. A Powerpod under the arch area of the sole provides additional traction and support, and Stabilizer Heel Technology offers optimum stability and control during the swing.
The Dri-tech features a 7-0 cleat fast twist insert system and is available for men in a saddle style with four colorways. The Dri-tech is available for women in a saddle style featuring an argyle motif design in two colorways.


FootJoy ICON
   • $250
Unique Features: Combining the company’s heritage in the game with technological advancements such as memory foam and a perforated alloy stability bridge, the FootJoy ICON shoe promises an attractive, traditional style, comfortable fit and superb stability.
            The shoe features the company’s finely-tailored upper designs, premium materials, performance-infused outsoles and a customization that allows for a “seemingly endless amount of designs and size options.”
            The shoe comes in five patterns and 19 total inline styles, including two that incorporate the popular BOA Lacing System.
    Leather-covered dual density PU Fit-Bend in-shoe technology creates an underfoot base that closely mimics the natural shape of the foot, which helps provide a quality fit and cushioned support.


Nike Tour Premium
   • $250
Unique Features: Nike’s new shoe combines premium performance with a luxurious look and feel. The Tour Premium shoe utilizes the Power Platform TW outsole, which stabilizes the foot for better balance, smoother weight transfer and more power through impact. The outside push plate of the outsole produces support and control through the backswing, while the inside plate flexes to help maintain contact with the ground through impact. The result? A stronger push at impact for more power through the swing.
            The shoe features soft, full-grain leather uppers for maximum support, great feel and a sharp look.
    A plush full-length Phylon midsole creates a king size footbed with exceptional cushioning for comfort for a day on your feet. The Tour Premium comes with a two-year limited waterproof warranty.


Stuburt DCC
   • $300
Unique Features:Stuburt says its shoes offer traditional design, sophistication and craftsmanship and remain one of the only handmade classic golf shoes on the market today.
            The new DCC Classic is designed in collaboration with professional Tour star Darren Clarke and offers a range of shoes in two different styles. Each pair is individually handmade with premium full grain leather upper designs, is fully leather lined and features a 360-degree, welted construction for improved consistency and fit.
    An improved sockliner design for cushioned comfort and lasting feel, including a shock absorbing heel pad, are new additions, as are two new colorways. The DCC Classic comes in plain toe white/back/navy, white/tan and white/charcoal/red combinations and wingtip in black patent and white.


A New Pro Glove
  From Bionic

   • $24.95
Unique Features: The Bionic Pro Glove is made from special “super-premium,” micro-thin cabretta leather to provide low handicappers the fit, feel and flexibility they seek in a glove, says the company.
            Porous fibers help perspiration escape the hand area, while special hybrid oil ensures tackiness in dry or wet conditions.
    Dynamic Lycra Mesh flexion zones on both sides of the glove create dual airflow to make the Bionic Pro one of the most breathable gloves on the market.


An All-Weather Beater From Etonic
   • $12
Unique Features: Etonic says its new glove helps maintain a player’s grip on the golf club and provides a soft feel in all kinds of temperatures and playing conditions, including cold and rain.
            The company’s proprietary DRI-LITE micro fiber material, along with a cabretta leather thumb area, palm patch and Stabilizer Island Thumb design, provides a steady and solid grip in rain, cold and humidity.

            The All-Weather glove is available in white and black.


The PureTouch Limited from FootJoy
   • $28 for 3-glove
Unique Features: FootJoy’s new glove is designed for “better players who demand the finest in materials, fit and feel.” Cabretta leather delivers a soft, supple feel with perforations in the palm fingers removed to eliminate any disruption between the hand and golf club.
    The back has been designed to deliver a contoured, conforming, “almost molded-like” fit. A tailored cut and targeted elastic placement helps the glove deliver the custom fit demanded by accomplished players.


$899 (steel)
    The HJ AllSoft Plus
  Golf Glove

   • $12.99

Unique Features: HJ Glove employs only the finest hand-selected cabretta leather along with micro-fiber leather, super-duty fleece and breathable mesh to create a glove that “emphasizes quality and durability.”
            The HJ AllSoft Plus has been “tacky treated” for excellent gripping action to keep the club stable in the player’s hand through the swing. The leather has also been treated for moisture resistance.
            A durable, comfortable patch, flexible inserts and an exclusive extended closure are all designed for maximum comfort and performance.



TaylorMade Tour
Preferred Glove

   • $21.99

            Unique Features:The TaylorMade TP Glove is crafted from exclusive TP Signature AAA Cabretta leather. The glove offers an incomparable combination of construction, fit and feel. The Ultra-thin AAA Cabretta leather promotes heightened sensitivity. The glove features Taylormade’s  exclusive TP Signature tanning process which incorporates 3M Scotchgard technology and a proprietary blend of elements to deliver enhanced durability, stain resistance, and superior grip in wet and dry conditions. Smartly positioned seams ensure a comfortable and consistent fit while a micro-fibre interior cuff wicks moisture and enhances comfort.


Wilson FG Tour
  Golf Glove

   • $14

            Unique Features: Wilson’s new golf gloves are designed for special player types and employ “state-of-the-art technology to improve grip, fit, temperature and moisture control and overall comfort.”
    The FG Tour glove is cut and sewn to PGA Tour player specifications and made of extra-thin, premium Abyssinian cabretta leather. The “pro-caliber” glove features 3M Scotchguard leather protection for softness, and is made with an exclusive Tack Teck tanning process for unsurpassed feel and grip control.


Ahead Eco-Friendly

        Unique Features: AHEAD continues the expansion of its Eco-Friendly collection made of innovative fabrications like organic cotton, bamboo and coconut bi-products. A big benefit of this line is that the fabric blocks out UV rays that equate to an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+. The collection consists of the Poly/Bamboo Textured Jacquard polo made of 51 percent performance polyester and 49 percent bamboo charcoal.  And a Poly/Bamboo Satin Stripe polo made of 60 percent performance polyester and 40 percent coconut charcoal. Both polos features moisture wicking and quick dry performance fabrics to keep golfers cool and dry through the round.


Quick Dry Performance


            Unique Features: Ahead will add three new polos to its Quick Dry Performance collection. Quick Dry Performance features a collection of 100 percent polyester performance polos with moisture wicking and odor management attributes to keep the garment dry, cool and fresh. Additional features include a three-button angled placket, mechanical stretch, rib knit collar with Lycra® and AHEAD’s “extreme” fit and styling. The Quick Dry Performance collection consists of a  SS Textured polo, Bi-Color Stripe polo and a Auto Stripe polo. Suggested retail for this line is $65


Antigua Golf
  Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite


             Unique Features: Antigua’s new DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE is an extremely light fabric without being sheer. The three-dimensional construction is what makes the fabric extremely light without being sheer or see-through. Because the fabric has a lighter weight construction, DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE wicks away moisture even quicker than Antigua’s proprietary DESERT DRY™, a performance fabric the company created when it introduced its performance category for golf several years ago.
     Antigua’s apparel is engineered with a constructional wicking process done at the knitting stage. An additional treatment in the finishing process maximizes the wicking to keep golfers dry and comfortable.


Cutter & Buck
  Golf Collection


             Unique Features: Cutter & Buck is celebrating 20 years in the apparel business with a golf collection that highlights innovation, style and performance. Years of developing and refining have produced an exiting range of tops, bottoms and outerwear that can be seen on countless golf professionals and enthusiasts alike. Each delivery in the Spring 2010 collection embraces classic styling and a sophisticated color palette that is sure to be the perfect complement to your game.
     Cutter and Buck, always a company to push the envelop when it comes to developing and then incorporating new fabrics into its apparel, promises that while its clothing may not make you play better, you will most assuredly feel and look better on and around the course.


Nike Storm-FIT Elite
Full Zip Jacket

Unique Features: The Nike Storm-FIT Elite Rainwear stands out as it is designed for the game’s premier athletes and its most rigorous conditions. Best in class proprietary fabrications provide the ultimate in quiet water-proof stretch that is engineered to move with the golfer’s swing, not impede it. The no sew construction eliminates any unnecessary seaming and construction to maintain the garment’s water-proof integrity engineered in a superior lightweight package. The result is a tour-proven cocoon of protection designed for ultimate playability. Available in black or red.


adidas ClimaLite
       Range Wear


             Unique Features: Adidas Golf introduces for 2010 our new performance Range Wear product.   Recognizing that golfers need performance when they go to the driving range and sometimes want to wear casual shorts, warm ups, and tee shirts, we have created a range wear jacket and pant for men and for women, as well as a ClimaCool tee.   The jacket and pant feature lightweight woven construction, comfort features such as back elastic at the waist, and unique elements like a tee pocket in the pant and a convenient mp3 grommet in the Jacket.  The ClimaCool tee, featuring lightweight fabrication and highly breathable, quick drying Coolmax Extreme, can be worn alone or as a first layer under a polo.