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Holiday Gift Guide
Golfing Magazine Staff
By Golfing Magazine Staff
Published on 12/22/2009

Holiday Gift Guide 2009
Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Holiday's Wish List

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Try the TOP CONSUMER RATED Practice golf ball for free!
Featuring a unique dimple pattern, these balls offer true ball flight and trajectory while providing an authentic feel off the club-face. This enables golfers to fade, draw or spin the ball. Brush t Basics training balls were top rated by consumers and are ideal for practicing your short game & chipping, and are perfect for junior golfers. Get a free sample pack [just pay shipping].

To order go to or call 800-768-8008.

almostGOLF’s Backyard Practice Pack
Play Golf Anywhere with the Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving.  The almostGOLFTM Play Anywhere Pack features the #1 off-course golf ball with safety unmatched by any other ball in golf.  Create games, drills or a mini-course in the yard, park or anywhere you want to play.  Improve your game, lower your scores or have some fun with the kids.

Pack includes:
1)     2 - 36” inflatable target - designed to catch accurate shots
2)     2 - Detachable flagstick - perfectly sized for off course play and storage  
3)    Custom size carry bag - to conveniently store all of the components
4)    10 almostGOLFTM balls

almostGOLFTM products are available in major retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Fred Meyers, PGA Tour Superstore Academy Sports + Outdoors, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Olympia Sports, Scheels Sports, Roger Dunn Golf Shop and Sport Chalet as well as in leading sporting goods retailers, local golf pro shops and online at

Price: $59.95

Sonocaddie Holiday Gift Promotion

Sonocaddie, maker of the V300 Color GPS, has put together a Holiday Gift Pack with all the little extras golfers will really enjoy. The car charger will ensure you always arrive at the course with a full charge, and the luxury case will be useful for all the golfer’s Sonocaddie accessories.

Included are the Luxury Case, Car Charger, Hat Clip, Ball Spotter, Divot Tool and tees. The gift pack has a retail value of $50 and is being offered FREE this Christmas.

The Holiday Gift pack is being sent free to anyone who buys a Sonocaddie AutoPlay or V300 along with membership before January 31, 2010.

The V300 has incredible full color 3-D graphics, with precise yardages to bunkers, hazards, greens and other targets, and one-button zoom in on the green. Autoplay is preloaded with 22,000 courses and requires no downloads. Sonocaddie has one of the largest color displays available, and is waterproof.

Sonocaddie has No Annual Fees to access a database of over 22,000 courses.

Call 1-800-336-6264 or visit

P3ProSwing Golf Simulator
Starting at $899.99 with up to 25% off until December 18th
* Serious fun
* 99.9% accurate
* High def graphics
* 37 course upgrade
* Scalable hitting center
* Measured swing analysis
 Call 1-877-P3PRO-GO or order online at



Kramski HPP putters will improve your game

Kramski Putter,Inc introduces the HPP line of high performance putters designed and developed by German master tool maker Wiestaw Kramski. These putters are tour proven with thirteen wins worldwide. Many pros and amateurs throughout Europe and Asia have already put them in play. It’s more than a putter. It is a complete putting system. Only available from Kramski certified fitting partners. The optimum impact position, precise tolerances, and an easy alignment system will lower your scores. HYPERLINK or

SensoGlove® - Greater Distance, Improved Precision, Lower Scores!

SensoSolutions, makers of SensoGlove, has developed the first computerized golf glove that uses highly-responsive built-in sensors on each finger to read your grip pressure and provide real-time feedback throughout your golf swing. SensoGlove will help teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores.
 The glove reads and displays your grip pressure into a lightweight computer attached to the back of the glove and warns you if you exceed your target level. The 1.2-inch LED screen shows you what finger is gripping too tight so you can adjust your grip accordingly for a more consistent swing. The computer also has a built-in audio warning to alert golfers when they are gripping too tightly during their swing.
SensoGlove is made from the highest quality of Cabretta leather. The highly-responsive sewn-in sensors measure your grip pressure at 80 times per second and feed the data into the computer. The SensoGlove works like any other glove, other than the computer plug in socket, so you can use the glove separately like a normal glove. SensoGlove isn’t just for your driver either. Lighter grip pressure improves precision too. Use it for chipping and putting to dramatically improve your short game!

For Christmas, give the golfer in your life 5 strokes off his/her game!

ACCUPUTT will naturally improve any golfer's putting consistency and accuracy permanently! Designed for indoor use, Accuputt incorporates an invisible laser beam, a perfectly weighted variable aperture putter, and an audio/visual indicator to provide instant feedback and train your body, and mind, to produce a pure and accurate golf putting stroke in a practice environment that replicates the "on green" situation.  In consumer tests, 95% of user reduced scores by 5 strokes after using Accuputt 15 minutes daily for 30 days!

$199.00 • www.accuputt.com877 833 2644

Simple, Fast & Accurate! SWAMI is everything a golfer needs in a GPS unit. Featuring Insta-Lok Technology & powered by the latest SIRFStarIII chip, the SWAMI instantly calculates distance to the Front, Center and Back of the green on 12,000+ US courses. Finally... a GPS, with the features you need, at a great price! - $99 MSRP •  800 284-1220

Leadbetter Interactive DVD Series

Leadbetter Interactive features 4 DVDs and over 5 hours of David Leadbetter's newest golf instruction and drills. Also contains exclusive Swing Analysis software to analyze your swing like the tour pros. Powered by V1 Pro, the #1 Video Analysis System in golf.

Now only $69

Order by visiting



End The Mysteries Of Putter Forever!

Now there is The Kure - Your Total Putting Solution. Anyone can learn to putt better in minutes. Only The Kure will “train the brain” to repeat proper alignment, aiming, squaring at impact and tempo using your own putter. Top pros are using it now, so can you. 877-312-2220

Ultimate Holiday combo
What a Great Holiday Gift for all Golfers! Our Ultimate Holiday Combo includes an Indoor/Outdoor Chipping Net, 36 New Soft Core range balls in a drawstring bag, 1 Golfer’s towel, 1 Golfer’s Utility Kit and a Premium 4 model Trial Pack including Titleist, Srixon, Nike and Wilson Recycled Golf Balls from at a low price of $39.95.


United States Golf Teachers Federation
The United States Golf Teachers Federation® trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. It is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 17,000 members. Founded in 1989, the USGTF is one of 35 member nations that make up the World Golf Teachers Federation®. Each member nation adheres to a set of Federation bylaws set forth to enact a world standard of uniformity and professionalism in the training of teaching professionals. To become certified it is not necessary to have any prior experience in the golf teaching industry, except of course the ability to play golf at a level of acceptability., 1-888-346-3290.

Sports Specific Performance

With a unique line of nutritional supplements that target the player’s mind and body, Sports Specific Performance has created products that will enable users to achieve better overall health, evolve their game further, and increase frequency of activity as a result of a better physical state.

GOLF FOCUS features a variety of all natural ingredients to promote mental clarity and concentration, from tee to green. GOLF STRENGTH supports a golfer's muscular function throughout the entire round.  $24.99 each for 30 day supply

IGOTCHA® UltimateXL Golf Ball Retriever
Pro Line Sports, manufacturer of the the #1 Selling Golf Ball Retriever in golf, has created the “Granddaddy of all Golf Ball Retrievers”. The new IGOTCHA® UltimateXL golf ball retriever is longer and stronger than any other golf ball retriever on the market, but is still compact enough to easily hide away in your golf bag.  The IGOTCHA® Ultimate XL collapses to only 20 inches, yet it can extend to an amazing 18 ft. reach with your arm! Its durable, compact and weighs only 20 oz.   This must-have item will pay for itself over and over as you easily retrieve your expensive golf balls from water, bushes, rocks, mud or sand.

ruletwentyone by rulegolf
“Wet Towel. Dry Pocket.” These ruletwentyone golf ball cleaners stay wet on the inside and dry on the outside — so your back-pocket (or holiday wrapping) won’t get wet. This is a perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer for any golf enthusiast.

Available in seven cool colors for $10 each at fine golf shops and



BagBoy’s Express Auto

The Express Auto is Bag Boy's newest patented one-step folding cart, in one simple action the front wheel and frame fold for easy transport and storage!  The Express Auto features never flat G-Force wheels, adjustable bag bracket, hand operated parking brake, integrated beverage/scorecard holder and an adjustable handle to fit golfers of all heights.

MAP $169.95 •



Macro Golf PowerStroke™  

PowerStroke™ is the most ergonomic USGA conforming full-swing golf grip ever introduced for play. Designed by Macro Golf to rest comfortably yet firmly in the fingers, PowerStroke is proven to lengthen distance and improve consistency by providing more responsive swing hand control and measurably greater tension-free wrist flex from set-up/address through impact/release.



Silver Golf Ball & Tee Bangle Bracelet-and-Ring Set™
Just Fore You™, maker of designer-fashioned, elegant golf-inspired jewelry, presents a special holiday gift-giving opportunity. Through Dec. 31, the Silver Golf Ball & Tee Bangle Bracelet-and-Ring Set™ is offered at only $295 for both pieces. The sets also are available in 14-karat gold or platinum by special order.
Amphibian Towel and BrushPro
Awarded "Best New Product" at the 2008 & 2009 PGA Merchandise Shows.

Amphibian Towel is the only towel to stay both wet and dry simultaneously for cleaning clubs rain or shine.

The BrushPro, is designed to remove larger debris from club faces, and has a retractable groove-cleaner for surgical precision.

PeakVision Sports
Every golfer knows they need eye protection.  Finally there is eye protection that doesn't impair performance on the golf course.  In fact, Independent testing by Rankmark concludes that 3 out of 4 golfers prefer PEAKS...even compared to the naked eye!  Click here (link below) for first-hand testimonials on how PEAKS improve vision and performance for every golfer, especially high-performance golfers!   Try PEAKS risk-free for 30 days and enter Invitation Code GOLF EYEJOY to save 33% on your purchase of PEAKS sunglasses. You will discover why golfers call PEAKS READING GLASSES FOR GREENS.

Since 1960 the SwingRite has been helping golfers of all levels and abilities attain the proper release of their golf club.  Any time your hand release is not exactly at the impact position, you are losing power, which translates into losing distance.   With the SwingRite, you can also work on attaining more clubhead speed and better tempo. The SwingRite does it all!  This is one of the original training aids for golf.  Get yours, and see why it is still one of the top selling products on the market today! The SwingRite makes a great gift for the golfer in your family! We offer a 90-day 100% money back guarantee!
Available at Edwin Watts Golf and PGA Tour Superstores or online at • 978-887-2470

Utopia Golf
Utopia Golf Products putters, winner of a “Best New Product” award at the 2009 PGA Fall Expo, feature a ridge, known as “The Edge,” that acts as the face, providing true, instant forward roll to the ball. Each Utopia club is designed, milled, hand-assembled, painted and polished in Utopia, Texas.


Sun Mountain  Micro Cart
The new Micro Cart™ from Sun Mountain is a new-look walking cart sporting four-wheels while folding 25% smaller and weighing 20% less than leading push carts. Weighing only 13 lbs. and folding down to 52 cubic inches, the name, Micro Cart, pretty well sums it up. Micro Cart comes with no assembly required and folds and unfolds in one easy motion. $239.


OnPar GPS Touchscreen Rangefinder

The new OnPar GPS Touchscreen Rangefinder offers the largest outdoor viewable screen and the latest intuitive technology enabling a wide range of personal stats-keeping capabilities (NO membership fees | NO map fees). Special holiday value gift of a belt clip, car charger and cart mount (a $110 value) with purchase. www.OnParGPS.com713-331-0363


Weszty Golf Irons

Weszty Golf is excited to offer readers of Golfing Magazine the opportunity to purchase any of Weszty Golf’s innovative iron designs for 50% off of our regular pricing. Choose from double – U, CGS, or Zt – C with graphite or steel shafts. Customize your own set makeup by purchasing only the clubs that you want. Just enter coupon code 50HGG09 at checkout. But don’t delay as this offer expires on 12/31/09. See for yourself why more and more golfers are choosing to “Knock Down That Pin!”TM  with Weszty clubs!



The Anchor
Every shot on the course depends on a very important yet often overlooked element: the stability of your lower body. The Anchor®, a unique golf swing training aid, addresses this critical aspect of your swing by keeping the flexion of your back knee in a stable position throughout the entire golf swing.
Perseus Athletics



New from Samsonite!

Sleek, hard sided molded golf travel cover.
Comes with six wheels on the bottom; four allow you to "spin" it 360 degrees upright, and two for pulling.  Interior has red signature designed lining equipped with extra padding and foam.
Suggested retail:  Under $200.00



Exsite Golf’s Personal Practice  / Tee Brush
Clean your clubface between shots while warming up or practicing by gently swiping your club against the Personal Practice / Tee Brush!  Never beat your club against your golf shoe or dirty your apparel or glove to clean your clubface again.  See true ball flight and enjoy better feedback while hitting balls.  Our patent-pending design easily screws together, comes in a choice of colors, includes a carry bag for convenient storage and makes a great gift for only $49!  Also available in a customizable club “model.”

Order at or call 980-722-4282 today!

Stack & Tilt

Stack & Tilt 6 DVD Set: Improve Your Swing With The Hottest Swing on Tour! Currently used by over 25 Touring Pro’s! Achieve a straighter, longer, and more consistent golf swing, Easily and Effectively. Includes the complete Stack & Tilt 3 DVD collection, Plus 3 Stack & Tilt Bonus DVD’s! For more information go to or 800-714-0983.



Axis 1 Golf
The Axis 1 Eagle's patented putter design shifts the heel weight forward of the striking face and places the center of gravity of the putter exactly in line with the axis of the shaft and right on the sweet spot of the club. This unique combination promotes a true pendulum swing that eliminates the torque inherent in all the major brand putters.

Flip Fix™

CHAMP has taken the widely popular Flip Fix and made it better. By shortening the prongs and making all dimensions thicker, the New and improved Flip Fix is now more durable and more effective at repairing ball marks on the greens, even hard compacted turf. Package is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Packed 1 Flip Fix and 1 Ball
Marker per pack. Retail $15.99


Turn your Smartphone into the Ultimate Golf GPS Rangefinder

The GolfLogix Smartphone gift set includes a one-year membership to GolfLogix’ Golf GPS application with stat-tracking software, portable battery charger extends battery life by 30 hours, universal suction-cup mount for golf cart, and carrying case.  GolfLogix Ultimate Gift Pack retails for $149.95 and is available at sports retailers and online.

The RoboCup Ball Return Robot fits in any practice or full‐depth golf hole and returns your ball up to 14 feet. Even missed putts are returned using the included Caddy Cord. Used by tour pros. and recommended by PGA teaching Pros.
RoboCup allows you to focus on practicing instead of retrieving golf balls and makes putting practice a lot more enjoyable.
Awarded Best New Golf Product at the 2009 PGA Show and Golf Europe 2009.
A great gift for any golf enthusiast.

Available at – 877-438-8434

Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer
The NEW SWING SPEED RADAR® with TEMPO TIMER measures the golfer’s ACTUAL TEMPO TIME from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the SWING SPEED of the clubhead as it approaches the ball, providing unmatched utility in a single, affordable device. Priced at only $149.95, the Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer can be used by golfers of all ages and skill levels as they strive to optimize their swing mechanics for their best distance, control and accuracy. No ball is needed when practicing at home, outdoors or indoors. Convenience and flexibility of use at the range makes the affordable Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer the instrument of choice by professional clubmakers and instructors. The SSRTT is used at all Jim McLean Golf Schools.
For more information, please contact:
Al Dilz
Sports Sensors, Inc. (888) 542-9246 •

Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition Rangefinder
The Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition allows golfers to get an accurate yardage reading to the flagstick or virtually any object on the course. It works without a locating reflector device and the unit can start obtaining accurate distances to any object right out of the box. The Tournament Edition is legal for tournament play and is capable of ranging distances from five to 1,600 yards and it is accurate within +/- one yard.
$429 •

TaylorMade Speed Stik

Distance matters in golf and the faster you hit the ball the farther it goes. The 650 gram SPEED STIK overloads the swing, developing golf muscles for strength and speed. A built in Speed Meter measures swing speeds from 60 to 140 MPH delivering instant swing feedback. Improve your sense of balance, strengthen all the important golf muscles, and increase your overall flexibility. The 46` inch length promotes a flatter swing plane that corrects steep out-to-in or over-the-top swings and the tapered grip area allows for a multi-compound grip that delivers maximum traction under high speeds.
$139 •

TaylorMade Catalina
Cart Bag with FAST-TEK

The Catalina is the most stylish, functional cart bag TaylorMade® has ever created. With features such as an Integrated Putter Tube, 9 pockets (including a large cooler pocket), expandable side gussets, and a TPR Cart Strap Lock, the CATALINA is the upper eschelon in cart bags. The biggest leap in functionality on the bag is Fast Action Snap Technology, known simply as FAST-TEK. This allows golfers to keep important accessories such as GPS, rangefinders, phones, cigar holders and other valuables snapped to the bag and instantly accessible.
$169 •