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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/6/2009

Launch Pad - GolfLogix

Golflogix GPS

After the tremendous success of its Smartphone technology--logging thousands of downloads every day--GolfLogix is redefining the distance-measuring device industry again with a boxed gift set that includes a one-year Smartphone Golf GPS membership along with accessories to help the golfer get the most from the application.
Earlier this year, GolfLogix burst onto the Smartphone scene with its golf GPS application, becoming the first established golf GPS provider to make its application available to GPS-enabled cell phone users.
GolfLogix’ hot new Ultimate Accessory Kit is available in sports retailers and is compatible with the most popular Smartphones including BlackBerry, iPhone and BlackBerry Tour and Storm on the Verizon Wireless Network.
Says Pete Charleston, president of GolfLogix, Inc. “Golfers are hard to buy for and we know how golfers like talking about any equipment that helps their game. Packaging our Smartphone application along with great accessories is a win-win for everybody. The accessories are high-quality Smartphone accessories that can be used on or off the golf course.”
The accessory kit is a boxed set that makes a great gift for any occasion. The kit includes a one-year membership card to GolfLogix, a universal mount that secures the SmartPone to any flat surface, a battery charger and carrying case, and is very affordable at $149.95. The universal suction-based mount can be used in a golf cart or in a car while off the course. The included battery charger is the best portable Smartphone charging solution on the market today.
“With the economy the way it is, it is hard to expect people to spend $300 to $500 on a piece of specific GPS hardware when any golfer with a Smartphone can immediately convert their phone into the ultimate Golf GPS Rangefinder,” says Charleston.
GolfLogix GPS gives golfers distances to major hazards, front, center and backs of greens on over 24,000 courses along with capturing round stats such as greens in regulation, club distances, fairways hit, putts per round and more, all on golfers’ Smartphones.
Charleston says that GolfLogix retailers are excited about having the boxed set available for the holiday season.
“GolfLogix is offering a totally new gift suggestion for golfers and that hasn’t happened in a long time,” says Bob Burg, partner with The Burg Group. “Here’s a gift that is welcomed by any level golfer and one that a golfer will use throughout the year.”
The GolfLogix Ultimate Accessory Kit can be purchased at leading retailers nationwide. For more information about GolfLogix GPS, visit

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