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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/6/2009

Launch Pad - TaylorMade Golf

New R9 Irons

TaylorMade’s new R9 irons promise serious performance in a classic player’s shape and size.
The newly-designed clubhead, combined with a fresh hosel-blend, gives the irons a look that will appeal to skilled players.
A Velocity-Control Chamber (VCC) and Inverted Cone Technology in the 2- through 5-iron promotes fast and consistent ball speed across the clubface. The chamber has an ultra-thin wrap-around face that maximizes ball speed.
Progressive changes in head construction and face thickness in the set increases control in short irons and helps generate greater ball speed in long irons.
Price: $699.99 in steel shafts, $899.99 in graphite.


Five-Layer Tour
Penta TP Golf Ball

TayorMade’s new Penta TP is the first five-layer Tour ball to hit the marketplace.
Each layer on the ball is designed to provide optimal performance. The ball’s layers impart a softer feel off the putter and wedge, more spin off the short irons and wedges, more control off the mid irons, better launch off the long irons, and more distance off the driver.
The layers of the Penta TP are configured strategically to promote progressive distance, allowing the ball to deliver better distance to all types of swing speeds.
Price: $45.99 per dozen.

TaylorMade’s Raylor Built for the Rough

TaylorMade’s Raylor has a sole design to help the club glide through tall grass and be easier to hit from sidehill lies.
It also features a V-shape leading edge that allows the club to slice downward through rough to promote clean face-to-ball contact.
The Raylor is compact from heel to toe, with its smaller head size offering less resistance from thick lies. A “super-low” center of gravity with a 41 percent deeper face helps get the ball up and out of the rough on a high, long-carrying, soft-landing flight.
The Raylor comes in two lofts, 19 and 22 degrees.
Price: $179

TaylorMade Hot New Wedges With xFT

The new wedges With xFT are highly innovative and feature the company’s exchangeable Face Technology (xFT) that allows golfers to easily change a worn clubface.
The clubs come with a torque wrench to remove a worn face and insert a new one when needed. Now there is no need to replace a wedge you are used to, just change the face. A thin urethane layer behind the clubface ensures the face fits precisely into the milled pocket while promoting soft feel. Price: $129, inserts $39.99 apiece.







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