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Launch Pad - Cobra Golf
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/6/2009

Launch Pad - Cobra Golf

Cobra S2

Cobra Golf has unveiled its new high-performance Cobra S2 and Cobra S2 Forged iron series designed for avid golfers.
The game-enhancing S2 irons offer superior accuracy and distance in a forgiving mid-width sole design. The S2 Forged irons offer a combination of control, distance and forgiveness with an outstanding forged feel.
The Cobra S2 irons have a new cavity design with optimized heel-toe weighting that utilizes lightweight polymer materials, allowing weight to be pushed low in the heel and toe to increase the moment of inertia and create a more stable club. A unique mid-weight stepped sole offers superior turf interaction for cleaner hits.
More accomplished players will appreciate the new Cobra S2 Forged irons because they offer superior control and increased distance with an outstanding forged feel. The clubs feature a Tour-inspired shape and design that appeals to skilled players.
Price: $744 for steel and $872 for graphite for the S2 Irons, and $985 in steel for the S2 Forged Irons.

Cobra Golf
333 Bridge St
Fairhaven, MA 02719