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Launch Pad - Adams Golf
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/6/2009

Launch Pad - Adams Golf

Adams Tour-Proven Idea Pro Black Hybrids

The Pro Black Hybrids feature a compact, workable head that appeals to skilled players. The clubhead has 25 grams of low and back weighting combined with a forward weight port to allow for exact swing weight and shaft adjustments. Built with an ultra-thin stainless steel crown and a Maraging steel face to deliver lower spin and hotter ball flight, the slight offset of the club offers superior control for players wanting to work their ball flight..



Pure Rolling New Putters from Adams Golf

The a7 Select putters feature soft stainless steel head construction, precision micro-milled faces, and co-molded urethane technology inserts for enhanced feel and weight distribution. The a7 Select line comes in four designs, three blades and one mallet. The Cut Design inserts on the putters are crafted so as to deliver an extremely soft feel and impart a pure roll on today’s golf balls.

Adams Speedline 9032LS Driver and 9032Ti Hybrid Fairway Wood

The aerodynamic shaping of the driver creates less drag and airflow turbulence for three to four miles an hour faster clubhead speed and three to nine yards more distance.
The clubhead has a 17.3 percent larger face area for more forgiveness, and heel toe scoops that are one and a half times bigger than the original Speedline driver for better airflow attachment. The features optimize launch conditions with 10 percent lower spin off the clubface for greater distance.
The 9032Ti Hybrid has a center of gravity that is 22 percent lower, a crown that is 25 percent thinner, and a titanium body that is 40 percent lighter than a conventional fairway wood.
9032LS Speedline driver, $469.99
9032Ti Hybrid fairway wood, $379.99

Idea a7OS Hybrid Iron Set

Adams’ eight-piece Idea a7OS hybrid iron set consists of 3-, 4- and 5-hybrids, 6- and 7-mid-hybrids and versatile scoring clubs in 8-iron through pitching wedge. The clubs feature 44 grams of rear weighting to increase launch angle and distance, while the 3-, 4- and 5-hybrids have rounded shaping with a slight draw-bias to enhance forgiveness for the higher-handicap player. A four-way cambered sole and H-back channel vibration dampening system in the 6- and 7-mid-hybrids optimize distance, gapping and launch conditions. Low and deep centers of gravity in the short irons (8-PW) make the clubs forgiving and versatile. The scoring clubs feature quad cavity-backs and perimeter weighting for high ball flight. $799.99.


Adams Golf
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