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GolfLogix, Golf GPS Technology for your Smartphone
By John Torsiello | Published  08/15/2009 | Company Profiles | Unrated
A Revolutionary Breakthrough From GolfLogix
golf logix

Information technology, it seems, advances at the speed of light (pun intended).
  Even Pete Charleston, president of GolfLogix, one of the leaders in handheld GPS golf applications, admits the company’s stunning new development that allows consumers to turn their Smartphones into distance measuring  devices wouldn’t have been possible only a year ago.
  “A year ago, GPS was not commonplace in phones and when it was it was not accurate. But the technology has advanced so rapidly that what we are able to download into iPhones, BlackBerrys and other Smartphone platforms is every bit as good as a standalone GPS receiver. It works very well, is accurate, has great screen graphics and its resolution is fantastic.”
  Adds Scott Lambrecht, CEO of GolfLogix, which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, “Golfers are bringing their Smartphones on the course anyway, so it just makes sense to add GolfLogix GPS. Golfers can download GolfLogix to their iPhone or BlackBerry and play a round, get all the distances they need to play better and capture stats on everything from their club and shot distances to their greens in regulation. They don’t need to learn a new device. They can have all the advanced features GolfLogix offers right on their phone.”
  The company is the first in the golf handheld GPS market to offer its application to GPS-enabled cell phone users. After downloading the application, golfers can use it free for 24 hours and then are invited to become a GolfLogix member. Membership allows access to more than 24,000 golf course maps worldwide, as well as a wealth of personal golf performance data and a score tracking capability.
  If Charleston and Lambrecht sound excited it is for good reason. Providing GPS distance and stat-tracking applications to users of Smartphones just may revolutionize the industry.  For only $39.95 a year, golfers with GPS-enabled cell phones can download GolfLogix and get distances to the front, center and back of greens as well as distance to layup areas and major hazards on each hole of a golf course. In addition, they will have access to GolfLogix-patented round and score tracking technology, allowing them to analyze their round by receiving such data as fairways hit, greens in regulation, distances of each club and more. Golfers can view data on their cell phones or at a personalized website hosted at GolfLogix.
  Says Charleston, “The key to success with GPS is the user interface. Simplicity is vital. Our system is easy to use and once you get to the first hole you don’t need to touch another button the entire round.. With very little user input, the system allows the tracking of stats during a round and provides a valuable report on how a golfer played. You can send the information to a friend or bring it to your pro when you take a lesson. It will allow the instructor to view your round statistics and make comments on the information. The sky is the limit.”
  “We may impact our handheld GPS-8 sales,” adds Charleston, whose company was launched in 1999 and markets a handheld GPS system for golfers that retails for $299.95, with a $29.95 annual membership fee. “But we are now appealing to a whole new segment of the marketWe see this as more appealing to a mass demographic and the future of golf GPS.”
  The marriage between GolfLogix and Smartphone companies seems one made in marketing heaven: GolfLogix taps into a huge new consumer demographic, while the phone companies add an appealing new application to their menus.
  GolfLogix will be selling a Golf GPS Smartphone kit that will retail for $149.95 that will include an annual GolfLogix membership, a universal cart mount for the Smartphone, a universal portable cell phone charger that provides four times the life of a normal Smartphone battery charger, and an attractive phone carrying case. The package will be available at golf retailers such as Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, Sports Authority and other big box retailers in mid-August.
  The Smartphone application will be extended to other Smartphone models in the near future, says Charleston.
  For more information about GolfLogix GPS and to find out which Smartphones are currently supported, visit