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Dynamic Brands, The parent firm for Bag Boy, AMF Golf, and Slotline Golf
By John Torsiello | Published  08/15/2009 | Company Profiles | Unrated
A Dynamic (Brands) Leader in the Golf Industry

While many golf companies are either closing their doors or trying to merely tread water during these times of economic uncertainty, Dynamic Brands’ Golf Division is flexing its muscles and making waves.
  The company, the parent firm for Bag Boy, AMF Golf, and Slotline Golf (purchased in 2007), recently acquired the assets of Forefront Holdings, which includes industry-leading golf brands Burton, Datrek, Devant, Sir Christopher Hatton and Miller Golf. The addition of these highly reposted brands brings over 225 years of combined success to Richmond, Va. company’s already impressive lineup of golf products.
  “Ownership has done a great job over the last 10 years and we have been a profitable company,” says Craig Ramsbottom, president of Dynamic Brands’ Golf Division. “We have been making significant acquisitions and bringing in established brands that have name recognition. We are excited about launching new products and reinvigorating the existing brands.”
  Burton, Datrek and Miller produce an impressive lineup of golf bags and accessories, while Devant and Sir Christopher Hatton manufacture high-end, customized sport towels.
  Ramsbottom says new products from all the acquired companies will be forthcoming. He is also optimistic about the continued rebirth of Slotline, which languished on the shelf for over a decade after producing some of the most innovative putters in the industry during the 1980’s.
  “Slotline was a leader in technology in the mid-1980’s and really first brought attention to the MOI (moment of inertia) designs that are so popular today. There was brand recognition when Dynamic Brands acquired the company because everybody remembers that black Slotline putter that had the gold medallion on the back. It was a quality product then and now we have refined and improved upon the product. We started on the Champions Tour and we believe we can be a leader in putters on that Tour.”
  Slotline putters feature mid-sized heads designed to remain stable in the user’s hands and prevent a twisting of the clubhead on impact with the ball. The result is straighter, truer rolling putts.
  The Inertial putter is what Ramsbottom calls the “bread and butter” line for Slotline. The flat stick is produced in three series, the SL-300 ($99), SL-500 ($159) and SL-700 ($199) offering a wide range of product to meet every price point.
  The SL-700 Series features 100 percent CNC milling and tungsten weights for enhanced MOI. The SL-500 series, the original Inertial series, features the traditional head shape married with updated materials and modern technology for high MOI. And the SL-300 Series offers a classic profile cast from stainless steel and weighted with tungsten for “industry leading” MOI.
  So just how does a golf company not only remain viable and healthy but also able to expand in these times?
“We firmly believe that technology and innovation is key to our success,” says Ramsbottom. “We like to use the term visible technology. The golf industry is extremely competitive and everybody out there is making golf bags that have great qualities. Speaking on golf bags, everybody has a 14-way top, cooler pockets and an external club well. We design our bags with visible technology, such as clip lock tops, that the consumer can see the benefit of right away. We do POP (point of purchase) displays in stores to help get the message across. We have perhaps a slightly lower price point than others and our reps are very good. But product is king and that’s where we feel our greatest strength is.”

Dynamic Brands
  Richmond, Va.