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Distance Measuring Devices
By Tom Landers | Published  08/10/2009 | Equipment | Unrated
Distance Measuring Devices
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Distance Measuring Devices


Callaway uPro
One of the world’s foremost equipment manufacturers has stepped into the GPS ring, and it’s not pulling any punches.  The new Callaway uPro is a sleek, impressive GPS unit that is lightweight, accurate, and easily portable.  The uPro’s full-color screen creates a picture of the course that most other rangefinders can’t match, and its ability to hold up to 50 courses at once eliminates the need for constant downloads and maintenance.  At only 3.1 ounces, the uPro fits comfortably on your golf bag or your person, and the rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 12 hours per charge.  A unique transflective screen uses the sun’s light to illuminate the display, bringing the course to life even more. •


Fans of the iPhone will love the new GPS rangefinder from OnPar.  By utilizing a bright, full-color touch screen, the OnPar gives golfers the freedom to check distances to any spot on the course with a simple touch.  The OnPar keeps an average of your personal distance for each club in your bag, while also tracking shots and scores with ease.  Just as clunky buttons are a thing of the past with the OnPar, so too are membership and course download fees.  At only 4.59 ounces, the OnPar is extremely small and lightweight, making it easy to keep in your golf bag or even your pocket during play. •


SkyCaddie SG5
The new SkyCaddie SG5 from SkyGolf is the company’s most advanced GPS system to date.  Featuring a super-sharp color LCD screen and the ability to store up to 20 courses in its internal memory, the SG5 brings the course to life.  IntelliGreen technology allows for precise distance readouts to any point on the putting surface, and the SG5’s digital scorecard allows you to track your round during play.  The GPS unit instantly calculates distance to critical targets, and it can even provide precise distance totals for each club in your bag.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the 5.5-ounce SG5 lasts for up to 14 hours, and it also comes with a car charger, AC battery charger, belt clip, travel case, screen protectors, and more.•

GolfLogix GPS-8
Powered by industry-leading GPS manufacturer Garmin, the GPS-8 from GolfLogix tells you everything you need to know, without requiring any complicated instruction manuals to use. With nearly 24,000 courses in its database, the GPS-8 allows users to carry 20 courses at a time.  The GPS-8 automatically gives you distance readings to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as lay-up distances, and distances to any hazard in your way.  The unit is 100% waterproof, and it even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy it directly from GolfLogix, a one-year warranty, 17 hours of battery life, plus a belt clip. •
Izzo Swami
There is a lot of great technology out there when it comes to GPS rangefinders, but not everyone wants to have to take an instruction seminar just to get a distance to the pin.  For those that want a powerful GPS unit with no frills, the Izzo Swami 1500 is what you’ve been waiting for.  The Swami is one of the most affordable GPS units on the market, and it is dead-on accurate.  Using Insta-Lok Technology, the Swami calculates the distance to the front, center, and back of the green instantly.  The unit can hold up to ten courses at a time, yet it’s so small that you can keep it in your pocket and not feel it on your backswing. •

Sonocaddie V300
The new V300 GPS unit makes use of a high-resolution, full-color screen. The V300 instantly provides yardages to every relevant point on each hole, all while displaying a full-color hole layout, complete with your current ball position.  Users can even change information as a course changes over time.  The unit’s Mark function calculates the distance for any club in your bag.  Unlike most yardage devices, the V300 is tremendously helpful after your round, allowing you to check your score in addition to all relevant stats from your round like fairways hit, green in regulation, putts per hole, and more.  The course tracker even lets you chart your round and follow your shots afterward.  The unit’s powerful memory can even hold up to 30 golf courses and 100 scorecards. •

GolfBuddy Tour
The GolfBuddy Tour GPS Rangefinder has all the capabilities one would expect of a state-of-the-art rangefinder, without the membership fees and course download fees that make so many other rangefinders so cost prohibitive to use.  The GolfBuddy Tour can store up to 20,000 courses, and it automatically recognizes the course and hole it’s being used on.  The high-resolution color screen is easy to read, with a water-resistant design that allows it to be used in any weather.  Golfers can easily track their score, driving distance, and more, while homing in on any target that can affect your shot.  A dynamic green view not only gives distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, but changes the green angle based on where your ball is.•

Opti-Logic Insight GL
The new Insight GL laser rangefinders from Opti-Logic may be the most advanced piece of equipment in your golf bag, but they are also the simplest to use.  Simply point and click at any target or obstacle, and be treated to both an internal and external LED display of the correct distance, accurate to within one yard, every time.  The Insight GL conforms to USGA rules and comes with a two-year warranty, a sturdy carrying case, and the ability to see a target from up to 800 yards away.  At not even 11 ounces in weight, the Insight GL can be taken anywhere.•

Laser Link Quickshot
Most rangefinders require a steady hand to use, but the Laser Link Quickshot eliminates the need for a surgeon’s touch.  Laser Link is set up at golf courses across the country, making it easier than ever to get the right distance to the pin.  The Quickshot uses a red-dot alignment aid that locks in on a reflector in the flagstick, spitting out the distance in no time flat on a clear LCD display.  The unit has a comfortable “pistol” grip, and is accurate up to 370 yards.  Laser Link even sets up the flagsticks at your course for free, so there’s no excuse to playing the wrong distance ever again. •

Leupold GX-II
The new GX-II rangefinder from Leupold is everything you could want in a distance-measuring device.  Precise, durable, and lightweight, the GX-II deserves a permanent place in your bag.  What really sets the GX-II apart, though, is its ability to calculate slope and the effect it will have on each shot.  The clear LCD reading on the GX-II will tell you the distance directly to the target, as well as the adjusted distance based on factors such as slope, temperature, and altitude.  A variety of modes can be simply accessed on the GX-II, including the Club Selector mode, which helps in determining the right club to use based on previous distances hit.  The GX-II is completely weatherproof and is accurate to within one yard. •

Nikon Callaway LR1200
Photographers the world over know that Nikon is the brand to trust when you need a critical shot.  Similarly, Callaway is one of the most trusted brands in golf.  These two companies have joined forces to debut a new series of laser rangefinders, of which the LR1200 is undoubtedly the finest.  Accurate up to 1,200 yards, the LR1200 is powerful, precise, and simple to use.  With Nikon’s patented First Target Priority Mode, users can zone in on the flag no matter how difficult the backdrop may be.  The LR1200’s scan mode can give distance readings for up to 20 different targets in succession.  The rangefinder’s LCD display is easy to read, even in bright sunlight or dark conditions.
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