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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  The Latest in Shafts for Your Driver
The Latest in Shafts for Your Driver
By Tom Landers | Published  06/12/2009 | Equipment | Unrated
Untitled Document

UST Mamiya ProForce AXIVCore Tour Series
  The new ProForce AXIVCore shaft series from UST Mamiya represents an evolution in the way shafts are constructed.  Utilizing a four-axis weave of four distinct modulus carbon fibers, the ProForce AXIVCore series ups the ante for stability and consistency.  The Tour Black shaft has a high, low-spin launch thanks to a low-torque tip; the Blue shaft and its active tip generate more spin for extra carry; and the Tour Red has a Tour-preferred trajectory for players that are able to generate a high clubhead speed. $139 •

Graphite Design Aura
The new Aura line of shafts from Graphite Design combines the company’s reputation for quality with a price point that is hard to beat.  Available in four different models, there is an Aura shaft out there to help any golfer.  The Aura Red, with its low torque and stiff tip, is geared for high clubhead speeds to maximize carry and roll.  The Aura Gold, designed for low handicappers, creates a low, driving trajectory.  The Aura Blue is a higher spinning shaft that yields a higher launch angle.  The Aura Green was designed with female golfers in mind, as it launches the ball high with an optimal weight and torque.
Best of all, each shaft is available for around $50 •

Grafalloy ProLaunch Axis Blue
Accuracy and distance are provided in abundance by Grafalloy’s ProLaunch Axis Blue and Red shafts.  Smart-Ply Technology greatly increases the stability of the ProLaunch Axis shafts through its use of ultra-thin layers of unidirectional graphite, which Grafalloy touts as a much improved alternative to the popular “box weave” method of stabilization. The ProLaunch Axis Blue is great for those with slower swing speeds, as it maximizes helps get the ball airborne.  The ProLaunch Axis Red is better for those with faster swings, as it helps create a Tour-like trajectory with added roll. $91 •

Fujikura Motore F1
Low handicappers are going to love the new Motore F1 shaft from Fujikura.  Designed for those with high swing speeds, the Motore F1’s High Inertia Tip Technology stores energy on the downswing, releasing it just prior to impact to maximize distance.  Swing Sync Technology has helped create a lighter tip that is more flexible to transfer even more energy to the golf ball.  For a seemingly distance-oriented shaft, the Motore F1 remains remarkably stable throughout the swing, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it was the most-played driver shaft at The 2009 Masters. $240 •

Aldila Voodoo
The latest innovation from Aldila comes in the form of its VooDoo shaft.  Made from high strength carbon fibers, the VooDoo retains its extraordinary consistency through the use of S-core Technology.  S-core allows the VooDoo to increase stability and consistency with a carbon fiber rib system that reduces distance-reducing ovaling in the shaft during the swing.  Golf fans may remember the most famous example of the VooDoo’s strength when Ryder Cupper Boo Weekley took it for a bull ride down the fairway at Valhalla last year. $299 •

Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Tour
Your opponents will feel like they’ve been hit by an avalanche once you try out the new Fubuki Tour driver shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon.  That’s because Fubuki, which is Japanese for “blizzard,” greatly reduces ball spin, meaning more fairways and a Tour-preferred launch angle are in store from the moment you tee it up.  Mitsubishi Rayon’s Modulus Differential Technology, or MDT, combines different fibers at precise points in the shaft for an increase in performance that better players crave. $299 •